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Email me at Audrey@enchantrixempire.com

Before you think, ?I can jerk off by myself, I don't need any help,? take a moment to let me explain why it might be very beneficial to have a special Masturbation Mistress in your life. If you've ever marveled at how some guys are able to edge and last for hours with an extreme cocktease and enjoy incredibly intense and mind blowing orgasms, I can assure you that they were, and perhaps still are, enjoying the benefits of a Masturbatrix. I can guide you into this kind of masturbation marathon with my suggestive, narcotic voice. Perhaps you simply want a beautiful Mistress to tease and cajole you into fantasies you can barely admit to; I have the uncanny ability to draw your deepest secrets out of you and intuit your darkest fantasies. If humiliation, feminization, or a strict femdom session are what you crave, I will expertly weave any combination of your desires into an explosive session that will leave you satisfied and panting for more.


After some tantalizing discussion, you'll find yourself hard for me, wondering why you haven't tried guided masturbation or a role play fantasy sooner as your cock starts to twitch and pulse. Your balls will start to tingle, and you'll feel that familiar build up starting to happen. But not so fast! I own your cock and once I get you edging, you'll find yourself falling into a deep masturbation trance. Every Mistress has her own edging techniques, just as you have your own particular rhythm. You'll learn to give me feedback, and as you do I'll be able to take you to the next level, or down a level as needed.


As your body begins to throb and pulse, we will now be going deep into your fantasy and your strokes will become more even and regular as the story unfolds as your hard on starts to go through the roof...


Using some of my edging techniques to rise to a high state of arousal and stay there, you'll find yourself getting more focused as the fantasy continues to unfold. I know exactly what you're craving and will give you the kind of stimulation that will keep you edging longer than you ever thought possible. If I decide to move you up faster, the intensity of the fantasy will increase. As you start to lose control, I will switch gears and bring you down quickly; we will continue to ride the crest of your intense edging. Finally, just when you feel that you could edge forever for me, I will take you over the top and give you an orgasm as your brain explodes.

Ready to enjoy the ride?

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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