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Hello there, stroke slut. My name is Miss Rachel, and the sooner you understand that the greatest aspiration of your existence should be to make a proper dildo of yourself, the better we'll get along.

The world is full of sexually selfish men, so consumed by their own pleasure that they squirt and deflate twenty minutes into an encounter, when the more finely-tuned sexual response of most women means that twenty minutes in, they are just getting truly interested. I guess I've developed a personal vendetta against that male weakness. It darkens My normally sunny disposition just thinking about it. In response, some time ago I decided I would do what I could to teach men some staying power, some generosity. In my sexual kingdom, where I am the pampered princess and sovereign ruler, a man who has learned to give pleasure, especially with his cock, and yet expects to be denied it, to deny himself unless permission is granted otherwise, is honored by a place in my stable of personal dildos. An instrument of pleasure. A sex toy.

A good dildo knows that more important than how good it feels to squeeze in and out of one of my snug, slippery holes, or how tight and swollen his balls may get, is MY pleasure, both psychological and physical. For the man who aspires to be a good dildo (I stress that a dildo is what he will be, not what he will have. I will be the one who has the dildo, and he will endeavor to be a good one), training involves the whole man. It requires more surrender of a man than just his cock and balls. Yes, it requires a fuckstick so hard it flexes and throbs and the veins pop out, but this is only the physical condition in which he is useful. Mental fitness is equally important, and will come through time and devotion.

In order to help you achieve and maintain both, I will indulge my greatest pleasure-- doing everything I can to make you want to drain those balls, edging you repeatedly with descriptions of how you will be used, by Me, and perhaps others. I know that because you are weak, you may waste quite a bit of seed at first. But you're going to learn to connect doing so to My whim, My desire, and My satisfaction.

Beg all you want. Your desperation makes my pussy wet. Learning to deny it, over time, will mentally fit you to your calling. You need that, don't you?

Of course you do. You wouldn't be here if you didn't.

Have you disappointed many a woman with your lack of self-control? Do you find that the humiliation of reliving the memories, even as you try to improve, arouse you somehow? Or is it just that you are addicted to orgasms, can't keep your hands off of your currently undertrained cock, and need assistance in controlling your greed and wastefulness? Some of you will learn stamina. Some of you will learn restraint. No matter what kind of stroke slut you are, I am prepared to reform you into a dildo I can be proud to use.

Are you ready?

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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