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Email me at Virtual@EnchantrixEmpire.com

Millennial Phone Sex

You know what us millennial PhoneSex Princesses are really into? Social Media, technology and sex. Just think about ALL the connecting and hook up apps, even for sex. But what all this stuff is missing is the personal touch! If you are staring at your phone screen and jacking off, you are missing out on connections. So, let's get connected.

Think about 3D or virtual sex. I am completely immersed in a platform that allows me to be the virtual cocktease Princess I have always wanted to be for you. I am so happy that the Enchantrix Empire has finally got into the phone sex world so I can tease and control all your cocks in an even more personal way.

Virtual Phone Sex is not at all what you think it is. It is NOT a game! It is a unique platform that you interact with, and unlike those games you pervs play, you get to be you! And I get to be me!

When you sign up through our Virtual World Phone Sex site, you will get a starter body, called an avatar - but you don't want to be a noob and keep that! Oh no, I will show you all the tricks to make that avatar look exactly like you want it to. The only catch is, once I help you, I own you, your cock and your orgasms! But that is what you wanted all along, right? I even have a house made for teasing!

Once I have captured you, I will take you to my house in the Enchantrix virtual world. You will love it, because it is exactly what a stroking addict like you, and a cocktease like me needs.

My whole virtual home is set up for teasing you. Feeling hot yet? Oh good, because I even have a pool you can be innocently swimming in, and when you try to get out, you find Princess has trapped you, and is walking over in the skimpiest of pink bikinis to tease and torment your cock for hours. You will never, ever cum until I allow you to!

Ready to try virtual life?

Here's how you can join us, and find Enchantrix Empire's in world sim: Click here and register for an account, and download the software. You can choose your username and pick out an avatar (your avatar can be changed at any time after you join). The above link will allow you to sign up for an account, and download the firestorm viewer. Both are free to set up.

Once you are in world here is the link to find our sim: Enchantrix Empire Virtual Location. If you'd prefer my assistance in guiding you through the process of entering the Virtual Enchantrix World, just email me at Delia@enchantrixempire.com. For general assistance with setting up your own avatar to join the 3D Experience, email virtual@enchantrixempire.com and one of our Enchantrix Virtual World mistresses will guide you.

Don't miss your chance to be teased by Princess Kellie!

We specialize in cock control, orgasm denial and teasing and denial. Call today!

$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

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