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The Chastity Lifestyle: Couples who Practice Long Term Chastity

by Ms Heather of cock Control: 800-356-6169

I know, I know, the title of this essay seems like something so preposterous, doesn't it? Couples who practice long- term chastity? Isn't that the whole reason for becoming a couple... so you can have sex regularly?

Well, that may be the case for many couples who enter into monogamous relationships, but for many couples who have found the benefits and pleasure of long- term chastity, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Why would you want to be chaste in a relationship?

For most people, the major question is why? What could someone possibly gain from denying themselves sexual pleasure in a relationship? There can be many different reasons why a couple would decide to practice long- term chastity: some couples may choose to implement long term chastity into their relationship as a means of natural birth control, or perhaps they are doing it for their personal religious convictions, or perhaps one of the partners has some sort of health issue that makes it high risk for themselves or for their partner to engage in sexual intercourse.

Chastity as Discipline

In some relationships, and for the main purpose of this essay, long- term chastity may even be used as a tool for discipline and control for one partner over the other. Despite common misconceptions, just because a couple practices long- term chastity does not mean that they no longer have sexual pleasure in their relationship. In fact, many couples find that by practicing long- term chastity, they actually have more sexual pleasure, because they find ways of enjoying each others bodies without actually having intercourse or penetration. This intensifies their sexual sensitivity and can make sex even that much more enjoyable when they do decide to partake.

Wouldn't that make it much more tempting for one partner or the other to cheat?

You may be thinking that by withholding sex from a monogamous partner, you are just asking for infidelity. Actually, most of the time, the opposite is true. By finding ways of enjoying each other outside of sexual intercourse, the long- term chastity couple often becomes closer to each other in their relationship and develops more of a bond. They find that their connection is much deeper and on a different level than just sex, and are more apt to remain faithful to their long- term chastity partner. In a long- term chastity relationship, either one person has given control over their sexual life to the other, or they have both given this control to each other. Although the simplest basis of a committed relationship is that both partners have given themselves over sexually to the other, a long- term chastity relationship goes much deeper than just remaining faithful and not having sex with anyone else.

It can be something as simple as agreeing to not have sexual intercourse with each other for a long period of time, or it can be as intense as not allowing any sort of self-stimulation at all, including masturbation. Their body no longer belongs to themselves, and they cannot touch it in a sexually pleasing way, or stimulate it sexually, without the guidance and permission of the other partner. After a while, this just becomes another way of life for the long term chastity couple, and it becomes second nature to deny themselves unless given that permission by their partner. In fact, after time, they may be so accustomed to only being stimulated by their long term chastity partner that they are unable to get an erection or become sexually stimulated without their partner's permission or interaction.

What if a couple is having a hard time staying chaste?

Sometimes, if one partner or the other is very sexually inclined in their nature, it may be difficult for them to control their sexual urges. This is when it is sometimes nice to get a little extra help by bringing chastity devices into the long- term chastity relationship, which can be lots of fun in their own right, too. Having one partner put the other into a chastity device and be the one who holds the key for it can be very enjoyable for both parties. It gives the chastity device key-holder a sense of control and ownership over their long- term chastity partner, and also gives a sense of freedom and relief to the one wearing the chastity device, as they are no longer in control over their own body and no longer have to worry about whether they can touch it or stimulate it or not. Once the chastity device is implemented into the relationship, this can open a whole new door of fun and pleasure for the long- term chastity couple. They can experiment with playing teasing games, learning to be more submissive/dominant in the relationship, and may even help to bring out parts of their own personality in their every day life that they didn't know they had or that perhaps weren't as strong.

Chastity in the Long Term - Just How Long?

For most long- term chastity couples, there really isn't a set time line for them to follow, they just go with what feels right to them. Some long- term chastity couples may go weeks or months without actually having sexual intercourse with each other, while others may decide to go for years without it. And still others may decide to never actually have sexual intercourse, and instead find other ways to enjoy each other in a sexual relationship. As with any committed relationship, the long- term chastity couple does what both partners feel comfortable with and find pleasurable. Many long- term chastity couples have found that it has made their relationship even better than they expected, and would never go back to a 'normal' relationship.

While this may not be your cup of tea or your idea of fun, I say, hey, don't knock it until you've tried it... you may be pleasantly surprised at how holding out can heighten your sexual senses and teach you to last longer when it comes to foreplay and sexual intercourse, and if you keep it up and continue to practice, you just might find that it enhances your own sexual experience more than you ever thought possible.

Written by Mistress Heather 1-800-356-6169

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