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Tease and Orgasm Denial: How Long Can You Hold Out?

by Ms Heather of cock Control: 800-356-6169

Just mention the words 'orgasm denial' to some people, and you may be replied to with a look that says, "Are you crazy?" Everyone is familiar with teasing, but some don't realize that orgasm denial goes hand in hand with a good hard tease. In fact, some may have played around with teasing and orgasm denial and not really realize that they were doing so. Remember when you were a teenager and dating your first serious crush? Perhaps it was a chaperoned date or a school dance, and you would sneak in a touch here, a rub there, or even a heavy petting session with no real opportunity for release... just lots and lots of delicious teasing. You may have gone home later and masturbated to orgasm on your own, or, if you were a good boy (or girl), you may have decided to wait to cum until your partner could be the one leading you there. If you can blissfully recall your earliest experience in this, then you just remembered your first time practicing teasing and orgasm denial.

Even though you may have grown older, and (hopefully) more experienced sexually, that doesn't mean that your days of teasing and orgasm denial are over. Foreplay is all about the tease. It is really what makes the sexual experience that much more enjoyable. Getting the body stimulated slowly to the point of orgasm, and then allowing it to come back down, and then climbing that ladder back up again makes the end result an amazing symphony of pleasure and release. Just about everyone has enjoyed an evening like this at least once in their sex life, but what if you want to take it longer than just one night?

The Pleasures of Long Term Orgasm Denial

Many people have discovered the hidden joy of long term teasing and orgasm denial. They will go days, weeks, months, sometimes years, allowing themselves to be stimulated just to the point of orgasm and then forcing themselves to stop. Or perhaps they have a partner or femdom that is practicing orgasm denial with them, and they are unable to have that release without the permission of their partner. Depending upon their experience with orgasm denial, the teasing can range from very flirty to downright extreme. It can take practice to get really good at riding the edge of orgasm, and getting that practice is certainly half the fun. Once you have developed the techniques to control yourself during extreme teasing, then it may be time to move on to something more intense and even more frustrating, such as ruined orgasms.

How Long Can You - And Should You - Be Denied?

So what's a good time frame for you to work towards? A lot depends on your level of experience and determination. If you are someone who doesn't have a lot of self-control or self-discipline, you may need to start out with short-term goals and then work your way up as you develop more focus and will power. Think about what the longest break in time is that you have gone without an orgasm, and stretch it by a few days up to a week. If you can't remember having gone more than three days without an orgasm, then make it your goal to do four or five days to begin with. Once you reach that goal, then set another one for a little longer amount of time. Or, it may be that once the blessed day arrives, you feel like you have come this far and you really don't want to mess up your winning streak now, so you extend it a day or two. You will find that the longer you practice orgasm denial, the easier it gets to hang in there and the more pleasure you experience when you finally do have an orgasm. In fact, you may even discover that the teasing can actually be just as much, if not more pleasurable ,than the actual orgasm itself. Not only will this give you more endurance and stamina during sex, but it also might give you more self confidence and satisfaction in your everyday life as well. And, if you have a partner that is participating in your journey by teasing you regularly, it can bring you closer to them, too.

So how long can you hold out? Really, that is totally up to you (unless you are under the authority of a Mistress, of course). If you have the will power and the determination, then you can hold out for as long as you choose to. But don't be surprised if this is much harder than you thought it would be once you get started. Although you may have gone days before withholding your orgasm without actually being on a tease and denial program, that was probably because you did it without thinking about it. Once you tell yourself that you are going to refrain from sexual release, your body naturally will crave that release more than anything else. This is simply the natural working order of things... the thing we want the most is the thing that we can't have. You may find that you are as horny as you were when you were a teenager all over again and that you suddenly think about sex all the time. You may begin to think that your cock has developed a perpetual hard-on and that you are doomed to wear baggy pants and carry a book around with you forever. This can be a blessing as well as a curse, because it can make your sexual experiences even that much more enjoyable. Being teased for extended periods of time will make you ultra sensitive to outside stimulation, and when you are finally given permission for that mind-blowing orgasm, you will see that you want to extend the pleasure for as long as possible... in fact, you just might hold back your own orgasm just to experience the intense feelings longer. Just stick with it, especially if you have someone to tease you and keep you in check with your progress, and you will find that you too can become a master of tease and denial.

Written by Mistress Heather 1-800-356-6169

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