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A Woman's Look at Male Chastity

By Mistress Courtney of Cock Control

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What is Male Chastity?

Male chastity is achieved through the use of a chastity cage. This locking device encloses the male genitals to prevent erection, stimulation and of course, release. Often the male himself will introduce his partner to the idea of chastisement as a kind of sexual aid. Chastity places him sexually at the mercy of his keyholder.

Male Chastity at His Request - What's in it for YOU?

Men who are not in chastity are always sexually satisfied. Why? When a man's sexual needs are not being met relationally, he will satisfy those urges through masturbation. Women whose men are in chastity know (or quickly come to realize) that when a man is satisfied sexually, he is far less motivated to please her non-sexually.. His biological instincts result in his disinterest in pleasing his partner, because his drive to procreate has been temporarily met. With the absence of that need propelling him, he cannot focus properly on her and what she wants or needs. On the contrary, his needs remain of the utmost importance. This behavior is not learned, nor is it something that he can alter. It is a simple function of the male gender and its natural instincts.

The male who is in chastity is deprived that sexual release, either relationally or manually. Naturally, the sexually denied man is instinctively attuned to his making his partner happy, fulfilled, comfortable and satisfied. Under the lock and key of chastity, the energy once spent on gratifying his own cravings, sexual and otherwise, is transformed, with laser-like intensity, and then focused on his partner and her contentment. His drive to reproduce will cause him to do anything and everything possible to garner the affection of the woman who controls his orgasms, in the hope that if he pleases her sufficiently, she will allow him the opportunity to release sexually. When a woman puts her man in chastity and employs an effective timetable for allowing release, she, in effect, holds him spellbound to her pleasure. When she does not exercise this kind of control, he will, instinctively exhibit behavior that falls far short of the ideal. Another attractive advantage of male chastity is that the male who is not gratified sexually has far more energy than if he were. This response is biological and can have very positive and intense results. This extra energy may manifest as either creative or physical, and once harnessed, can be used at the discretion of the keyholder for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which being her sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

Male chastity, in this regard, is not only a sexual aid, but also a powerful tool for behavior modification. The desire for women to "change her man" is so powerful, that it has become somewhat of a cliché: "If only I could change him!" Generally speaking, women want their male partners to frequently demonstrate pleasing behavior and discontinue displays of behavior that are unappealing. Societally women are taught that it is "not right" to want to change the male, and even if she could, it wouldn't be ethical. The moral of this story is, if you want to change your man you will fail miserably and be very disappointed. A male in chastity, however, can and will change, with the absence of frequent sexual release. His biology will make him to display positive and pleasurable traits and activities, and, will keep him from exhibiting negative ones. The control of the male orgasm allows women to create the "man of her dreams."

Male Chastity: A Vacation from You or a Vacation from Orgasm?

An avowed female supremacist and keyholder likens the allowance of orgasms to taking a vacation. In her experience, the average male will "move from a state of sexual satisfaction to sexual dissatisfaction, in about a week." That is to say, if allowed one orgasm a week, the male in chastity would not experience the aforementioned transformation and become the "ideal husband" because he is never dissatisfied for longer than a week. She further contends that if allowed sexual release once a week, he will, in effect, experience 52 weeks of vacation each year. In her experience with regard to male chastity, in order to see positive results he must experience extreme sexual dissatisfaction for periods longer than seven days. "With that in mind," she elaborates, "when thinking about how often the male should be allowed orgasm, the female should consider how many weeks per year she wants his focus to be away from her, and how many weeks of "vacation" he should be granted." If one were to carry this analogy to the workaday world, one or two weeks of vacation would be sufficient. That translates into two, yes two, orgasms per year. In fact, she suggests one every six months.

Male Chastity: What He Wants and Needs

The male instinct toward orgasm is very powerful. However, at the core of his being, he knows, perhaps at a sub-conscious level that he does not, in his heart of hearts, wish to experience sexual release. Practically speaking, after he orgasms it is much more difficult for him to serve (or service) his woman. Upon release, the thrill is gone, so to speak. In his mind, he knows this, and that is why there are so many men who pursue women who are willing to take control of their orgasms. Men are more content in their position when they stay sexually unsatisfied. Less practically speaking, when a man orgasms, it erases all sexual tension. Many men equate being in a state of sexual tension with extreme pleasure, so the male orgasm, albeit momentarily euphoric, is always a bit of a letdown, when compared with the blissful state of unrequited arousal.

What to Expect from Your Ideal Husband-The Male in Chastity

Now that the male is in chastity, he has more energy and can get much more accomplished. Expect him to do more around the house, get physically fit, overcome bad habits and perhaps even earn more money. In addition, he will no longer be able to see a beautiful woman and get an erection, let alone, masturbate to her image. Arranging a clandestine tryst with said woman? Absolutely not. Infidelity is out of the question. The obsession with pornographic images and the ensuing masturbation marathons are quelled. The object of his sole desire is his keyholder. As the keyholder, you decide when you will have sex. No more fending him off when he wants it and you don't. When he sees the key, he knows that "tonight's the night." Moreover, you will become the very center of his sexual universe. Men in chastity are reported to be more attentive, affectionate and helpful. One amusing, yet very practical benefit is that the chastised man must urinate while seated. No more messy toilets and no more seats left up. His aggressive tendencies are subdued and he becomes softer and gentler in his approach, particularly when it comes to sex. Prepare to receive more backrubs, foot rubs, presents, home-cooked meals and help around the house. Expect him to draw your bath and supply you with a warm bath towel upon exiting. Or better yet, have him scrub your back and shave your legs for you. The possibilities for servitude are limitless. If you are in the mood to release sexually, but you are not ready for him to lose focus on serving and pleasing you, you can mandate that he serve you orally, manually or even with a strap-on.

Male in Chastity = Happy Wife, Happy Life, Happy Home

As the keyholder, you are in the prime position to effect positive change in all areas of your love and your life. You know what is best for your household, your man, and yourself. Women have the power to use their intellect to control their man's orgasms, men, however, do not. They cannot, because their base instincts will, in the words of one keyholder, "cause them to abandon their own intellect in favor of following their "idiot stick."" She further adds, "Strict control of the male orgasm will greatly improve the life of the female who is willing to exercise that control, it will also however serve to improve her male's life as she uses her intellect to overrule his "idiot stick."" To paraphrase, if you could enhance the quality of life for yourself and your man, with the simple turn of a key, why not?

Written by Mistress Courtney of Cock Control
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