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Male Orgasm Denial Has Many Benefits to the Male

So you have thought about male orgasm denial, and why you would want to deny yourself such a wonderful pleasure. Maybe you're a female and you've thought about denying your man the pleasure of an orgasm, taking control and renewing the intimacy that you once had. First, you need to understand that withholding sex and orgasm denial are two totally different activities.

With male orgasm denial, you will enter a world filled with new experiences, wants, desires, pleasures, and erotic sensations that has been long lost.

Instant Gratification

Studies show that men between the ages of 25 and 40 have an average of three orgasms a day. Men are in their own fantasy world when they please themselves. More often than not, the fantasies aren't about their wives or girlfriends, and if they are it probably includes more than just their partner. They may be joined by another girl, man or maybe both. Believe me, he isn't fantasizing about making love, and cuddling you in the end.

With male orgasm denial, Instant Gratification is no longer an option, but a thing of the past. A new world of ecstasy is opened up.

Benefits Of Male Orgasm Denial:

1. Power Exchange- Nothing is more erotic and intoxicating than giving complete control of your orgasms to another person. Men are often faced with the stress of making important decisions every day at work, and the pressure that it brings. Not knowing when you will be allowed to have an orgasm, or if you will even be allowed to have one at all, is very erotic. Will today be the day, the week, the month?

The anticipation builds up and fantasizing about your partner knowing that all power lies within them is enough for an instant erection. Most men love power, and when they give up that control and realize that you are their femdom Goddess and you own their cock and orgasm, that is enough to drive them wild in itself. When you turn complete power of sex over to the women you will know that she wants it, and not just because she feels it is her duty. Now sex is up to the women and will be at her discretion.

2. Exercising Control- Men are so accustomed to touching themselves, when they go to the bathroom, when they're bored, touching themselves for comfort and pleasure... when you take that away it can become a renewed experience. Soon you will learn to enjoy arousal and learn how to make it last. A man will learn that he doesn't actually have to have an orgasm to feel that natural high. He will learn to savor the feeling of frustration from arousal (yes that is a good thing)! Learning to rediscover new sensations and finding new ones. Now lovemaking can last for hours and doesn't just have to be something that you do during a commercial so you can get back to watching the football game.

3. Learning To Please Your Partner: Suddenly, when your orgasms are restricted and denied, you learn how to please your partner. Remember how exciting it was when you were first experimenting with sex, and you couldn't keep your hands off your girlfriend? How you were always pawing at each other? You'll get that excitement back when Orgasm Denial is practiced.

Learning to find out what pleases your partner and what their wants and needs are: Before an orgasm men are sweet, loving, romantic, and kind. After an orgasm, the untrained man tends to forget that you exist, and rolls over to go to sleep. Here is where the theory of fight or flight/breed and feed enter. When orgasms are denied, you learn to put your partner's needs before yours. Men suddenly learn how exciting slow kisses and caresses can be. Doing the things that your partner enjoys isn't such a chore anymore when you know that your orgasm lies in their hands. Orgasm denial teaches a men to derive pleasure from pleasing your partner.

4. Learn To Communicate: when orgasms are denied, a man will tune in to his partners needs and desires. Intimacy talk will find a place in the relationship and you will actually enjoy it, not just do you wanna "do it"? Men also learn to open up and share their fears, feelings, opinions and much more that they usually won't share. Remember how good it felt when you were first with your partner and you loved to talk, to share your feelings, to plan your future, your dreams? It can all be yours again with some orgasm denial.

5. Mind Blowing Orgasm: When a man is finally allowed to have an orgasm, it will be an electrifying, earth moving experience. The instant gratification that a man has become used to will not seem as important or as desirable. The longer that one has to wait to have an orgasm, the better it will be when he finally is allowed to have one. I don't recommend setting an exact date when an orgasm will be allowed to happen, but when the Mistress or partner controlling the orgasm thinks the time is right. Remember: total power exchange.

Male Orgasm Denial and Chastity Training

While it's easy to think that you can learn to practice orgasm denial without the help of a chastity device, it's not practical. Many men unknowingly will touch themselves and bring themselves to pleasure before they have even thought about what they have done, or too far over the edge to bring themselves back thinking one more time and then I will control my orgasms. Later seems to never arrive! Don't think that a man will be openly honest about when he masturbates. That is why I highly recommend that a chastity device be used. That way you know that a "slip up" won't occur.

Orgasm denial can open up so many new feelings and desires. No, it's not for everyone but there is a whole new world of sensation out there for those with an open mind.