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One on One Masturbation Training - We Will Own Your Cock

Embark on an intimate, mind-expanding journey of pleasure - your own personal Masturbatrix:

1. Select the Cock Control Mistress who you wish to be your Masturbatrix

2. Contact the Mistress by email or phone and request her supervision for your training.

3. If she agrees, you will begin your training. Your training will consist of daily masturbation instructions, daily reporting to your Masturbatrix, phone training, and message forum posting.

4. One on One training is highly customizable, depending on your needs, your schedule, and the schedule of your Masturbatrix.

5. If you select a One on One training program, Ally will create a private message forum for you and your Masturbatrix on the Cock Control message forums. You will be required to post your masturbatory activities on a daily basis. If you need to skip a day of posting due to personal reasons, you will be required to receive permission from your Masturbatrix. In almost all circumstances, you will be expected to post to your forum daily during your training. Your Masturbatrix will also post replies, instructions, ideas and assessments in your forum.

6. You will communicate with your Masturbatrix to determine the frequency of training. Training will include telephone sessions, and message forum interaction/instruction.

7. During your initial consultation, your Masturbatrix will decide how frequently you are permitted to orgasm (if at all). Permission is more likely to be granted to those trainees who closely follow the training program created by their Masturbatrix.


30 minutes of telephone training weekly: $180
60 minutes of telephone training weekly: $225
90 minutes of telephone training weekly: $300

The above tuition includes daily interaction with your Masturbatrix on your personal Cock Control forum. If you and/or your Masturbatrix decide that you need additional training, you will be billed at the regular rate of 2.75 per minute for time exceeding the above tuition plans.