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The benefits of a Masturbatrix

"Why You Need a Masturbatrix in your Life" - by -m

Every man needs a beautiful Masturbatrix in his life. Are you searching for the Masturbatrix of your dreams? --A woman who understands your fantasies and your desires and your needs? Luckily for me, I’ve found one. Her name is Princess Grace and she now totally owns my cock (and the rest of me). Knowing that I am her pet is very pleasing. The search for your dream Masturbatrix will be a delightfully rich erotic experience, though frustrating at times, because you will never find Her unless you are prepared to face extreme teasing and denial. We all love the teasing part and the stroking part, but when it comes to the denial part, well, your thinking “not being allowed to come, who needs that”? Well, it happens to be a paradox. No explanation. The understanding is in the doing. A tease and denial session opens a door into a new place, a place called “edging”.

A skilled Masturbatrix, like Princess Grace, will guide you to that place on the edge, the brink of orgasm, where you will dance near the orgasmic abyss—held in a state of perfect ecstasy. You will be harder than you ever thought possible. Imagine the hardest erection that you have ever had and now imagine stoking it for hours. Isn't that possibility worthy of a little sacrifice?

If you come quickly, well, there’s not much left to stroke then, right? Just start to learn a little denial under the guidance of your Masturbatrix and you will experience more erotic pleasure than you ever imagined possible. Trust me, it’s that simple.

Have you ever been erect for two hours? You will be, I assure you. When your denial period is completed, your divine Masturbatrix will make your cock (by then it will be "her" cock) shoot load after load of gushing cum. I mean truly explosive eruptions that just seem to go on and on, spasm after glorious spasm. I know this sounds impossible. Trust me, I know, I have never come as powerfully as when my dearest Princess grants me the rare permission to release.

Should you call Princess Grace or one of the other gorgeous Masturbatrices at Cock Control, you will see immediate benefits. Amazing benefits. They make no promises on the cockcontrol website. One promise they could make--you will experience more erotic pleasure than you ever imagined possible. These beautiful and exotic creatures will, with great delight and pride, be happy to drive you to new heights of unfathomable orgasmic pleasure.

Let me tell you, boys, the women of Cock Control know more about your cock than you do. They are pioneering the frontiers of cybersex one erection at a time. Will yours be next?