Orgasm Control - How Teasing and Denial Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Using Teasing and Denial To Learn Orgasm Control: Improve Your Sex Life

Our younger orgasm denial trainees, usually in their early 20's, comment on the difficulty they experience with orgasm self-denial, and even with their orgasm denial training. Masturbation and Orgasm are interesting "events" to think about - while a period of sexual arousal can last for hours, we all seem to be aiming for that "Big O", which lasts (usually) for mere seconds. Orgasm control attempts to prolong the period of arousal, while taking the onus off of the orgasm, and placing it on the enjoyment of the arousal and stimulation, which can be maintained for a much longer period of time.

Learn Orgasm Control: Your partner will thank you for it...

If you improve your orgasm control abilities, you will become a much better sexual partner. The differences in sexual timing between men and women has been fodder for many jokes and comedic scenes in film and literature - men are stereotyped as seeking that quick orgasm without much foreplay, while women typically want a longer, more intimate encounter, with more foreplay. If you practice orgasm control, your female partner will appreciate your endurance and your ability to enjoy the "foreplay" portion of an erotic encounter. Sexual encounters can become almost tantric in nature, if you learn to control your orgasms.

Being aroused feels great! Use orgasm control to prolong your arousal:

And here's our theory: Sexual arousal feels great! Sure, an orgasm feels great too, but only for a few blissful moments, and then the fun is over. What if you could learn to control your orgasms, or even take the focus of the event off of the orgasm, and learn to enjoy the arousal for the immensle pleasure it brings? Orgasm control training will "reprogram" your sexual responses, so that you can enjoy each moment of a sexual encounter - whether that's alone or with a partner - rather than rushing through the arousal to get to the O.

The Cock Control Mistresses are very skilled at teaching men the art of orgasm control. You owe it to yourself - and your partner - to start your lessons now.

Learn Orgasm Control: Get Teased and Denied
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