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Orgasm Denial Games: How To Keep the Desire Building and Building...

By Mistress Sarah of Cock Control
For orgasm denial games by phone, call Ms Sarah at 800-356-6169, or click "Mistresses" above for other orgasm denial game playmates.

Let us not forget about the goals and outcome of playing Orgasm Denial Games. For the sub it is quite desirable and takes great self discipline in order to achieve the goals given to them. There is the anticipation, frustration, and helplessness. The male sub who explores the world of orgasm denial will understand a great pleasure from release once it has been earned. Orgasm Denial Games are a way to not only help with the training but also put clear rules in place before the male sub by the Femdom who made those rules. Remember that any game may have rules but maybe changed as the Mistress sees fit.

The first orgasm denial game:

The items you will need for this game is numbered dice, ice cubes, glass of warm water filled up ¾ full, warm wash cloth. In addition before you get started down load a good photo slide show program for your computer if you do not have one already. There are many free programs out there. Load up 50 photos that sexually stimulate you. Get the photo slide show ready and have it set to random.

Now that you have everything ready get in front of your computer in order to play. Roll the dice and get ready to have some fun. Play this game for 30 minutes to 1 hour total depending on your tolerance level.

The rules of this game are as follows when you roll each of the following numbers:

1. You must pinch your nipple while you stroke for 1 minute.

2. Rub Ice on the penis in order to cool it off. Keep the ice on your balls while stroking the cooled penis for 2 minutes.

3. Place balls into the cup of warm water. Press the cup up against them in order to make a suction. Masturbate for 3 minutes.

4. Stroke the cock with an ice cube in hand for 4 minutes.

5. Stroke the penis with the warm wash cloth for 5 minutes.

6. View the photo slide show set to random. While viewing the slide show you may only rub your balls and balls only. Do this for a total of 6 minutes. You are not allowed to masturbate.

In addition to what you must do with each roll only take up to a 1 minute rest in between each roll in order to regain composure if needed. No orgasm is allowed during this game. The goal is for you to not know how harsh or subtle it will be for you during the game. You may notice that the time you can play this game will increase the more you play it.

The second orgasm denial game is 25 edges:

If you are a beginner then the time limit will be to masturbate for 30 minutes or for 25 edges then stop when which ever one comes first. To bring yourself to edge means to masturbate until you are close to orgasm then stop.

For the advanced orgasm denial subs you must masturbate for an hour or for 25 edges. Go by which ever comes first.

Do this every day for 2 weeks. Do not forget to keep score for each day. Write your progress down.

For example: Day 1 - Edged 12 times and stroked for 30 minutes.

Compare your progress over the 2 week period of time. 25 edges may seem impossible to some. Remember even the advanced tease and denial enthusiasts started some where. Do the best that you can and do not give up. The goal is to see if you can achieve 25 edges in an hours time.

Now for the third orgasm denial game:

This game is called Night of a 1,000 strokes and will go on for 10 weeks if all goes well. Then there is the chance that you may desire to play this game with your Mistress. Remember any game's rules are subject to change as your Mistress sees fit.

The goals of this game are to only allow an orgasm once a week when you achieve the set allowed number of strokes each day. 100 strokes are added on for each new week.

The 1st week will involve 100 strokes to your penis once every day. If you achieve this without release then at the end of each week on the 7th day you may do your 100 strokes then allowed to cum. If you fail to make it through this week by not being able to control your orgasm means you must start off at day one of that week.

The 2nd week will be 200 strokes once everyday. No release is allowed until the 7th day. Then you may do your 200 strokes to your penis then you may cum. Remember that you may not cum on the 7th day until you do your 200 strokes. If you fail to make it through the week without cumming you must start all over again at day one of this week. This does not mean square one of week one but square one of week two.

The goal of this game is to work up to the Night of a 1,000 strokes. Remember to add on another 100 strokes every new week. The failure of a week does not mean you start at the beginning of the whole game. As stated before in the week two instructions you just start all over again at square 1 of that week.

If all has gone well and you have not had to start over any of your weeks building up to the final week then a major congratulations is in order for making it to your 10th week with 0 set backs. If it took you longer then congratulations anyhow for making it this far. You are almost there. Start your 10th week off by stroking your penis 1,000 times once everyday for the first 6 days without an orgasm. If you fail to control your orgasm on any of these days before the set goal of the 7th day then you must start over again at square one of this hell week. On the 7th day is your Night of a 1,000 strokes. You may stroke 1,000 times then will be allowed to have your big bang orgasm.

The 4th Orgasm Denial Game involves ruined orgasms:

Tie a ribbon around the penis right underneath the head. This will make it more difficult to cum and will help controlling the orgasm. That ribbon is there to remind you of your duty during this game and will help you control your orgasm much better.

Start masturbating in order to achieve orgasm. You must have a ruined orgasm though. A ruined orgasm is an orgasm that is stopped right as the seminal fluid is being released. You are made to stop mid stream. Let go of the penis, pinch your nipple, or squeeze hard on the head to hold it back. Ruined orgasm is achieved when you start to cum then make yourself stop. It can be tough but try to use any method you can with stand in order to achieve it.

Now that your first orgasm was ruined the game will really begin. Regain your composure and start stroking. Masturbate for 1 hour straight. True sexual frustration will be achieved and this will help you understand the real fun in orgasm denial. If you can not stroke more than 20 minutes while tolerating the orgasm denial then a ruined orgasm game maybe just what the Mistress ordered. You have released some seminal fluids and the male body needs more time to recover.

That is the end of the list of some Orgasm Denial games. It is definitely not the end of finding out what being submissive really is nor the games. Orgasm denial will help one achieve a state of helplessness and frustration to put them into subspace. You know very well that there are always more games to play and will become more difficult rules inflicted upon the sub.

Written by Mistress Sarah 1-800-356-6169

For orgasm denial games by phone, call Ms Sarah at 800-356-6169, or click "Mistresses" above for other orgasm denial game playmates

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