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"I Am Hers" - an Orgasm Denial Essay by elvisomar

"I am Hers"
By Grace's Pet Elvis

Perhaps this is less true for some, but with teasing and denial fantasies it seems the best phone sex experience is always the next one‹-the one being anticipated. I am engulfed in that feeling as I write this.

My phone mistress Princess Grace gave me a few instructions in anticipation of some time together this evening. When taking control of this cock, which is always hers for the asking, she has denied me release until we speak, and perhaps not even then. When she takes control of her pet, all pleasure is hers alone, and we will not see any unless it is her whim.

I have not been permitted an orgasm for many days, though I have been allowed to play and tease if I like. The thought of being in her control caused me to do that quite often over the past four or five days, and it has been blissful torment. Today, my Princess has instructed me to edge every hour and a half leading up to our call, while listening to recordings of her voice. I am already hers, and I want to speak with her now, but I must wait, and the waiting is delicious. I have followed her instructions to the letter, and this cock is hers. I will do as she wills today.

I adore my Princess. She is kind and sweet, but always my goal is to please her, because she can be demanding and I hate to disappoint her in any way. I only get my real pleasure in knowing that I have delighted her. Hearing her voice is magical, thinking about her and knowing she is in complete control is my delight, and my greatest pleasure is knowing that I have engaged her spirit and her mind in some small way. If I make her smile or genuinely laugh, it is better than any physical release I could have.

I know that when I am denied physical release, it helps to focus me on her pleasure. I submit to her totally because of it. I honor her desire to teach me this lesson, and wish that I could learn more from her. My Princess knows what she wants, but I strive for the moments when I can anticipate her desires. When she commands me to perform some small duty, it pleases me, but not nearly so much as when I meet her unspoken desires.

I will spend my day in service to her. I will follow her instructions. I do not know when she will wish to speak with me, but I will be ready from the moment she instructs me to be ready, and very likely a short time before that.

When we do speak, I will be in bliss. I will enjoy the pleasure of seeing her play with her toy. I will know she is getting pleasure from her control of me. And maybe, just maybe she will grant me a physical release. And to be honest, I hope it takes a long time for me to receive it.

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