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"Why Do Men Love Orgasm Denial and Cockteasing?

To help our visitors learn about the interests we focus on at Cock Control, we've started a series of "Mistress Q&A", where a question will be posted to the Cock Control Mistresses, and I'll post their answers for our visitors to read.

The first question is: "Why Do Men Love Orgasm Denial?" Here are their answers:

"Why Men Love Orgasm Denial" - by Ms Kate - 800-356-6169

I feel that men like orgasm denial because they master the art of control.It a wonderful journey.They learn to grasp the pleasure of anticipation.The build up is 90 percent of the ride.In giving control of your orgasms to someone else it is an wonderful power exchange.....And when the sweet release does come it is soooooooooooooooo much more than they have ever experienced.
Ms Kate

* * * *

"Why Men Love Orgasm Denial" - by Ms Scarlett - 800-356-6169

Pretty much why so many boys thrive in the military and come out men. Instant gratification can have a diminished pleasure as with anything like eating, drinking or doing anything in excess. The old saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" was never so true as orgasm denial. As Mistresses we know this and we know he needs to be taught some discipline for his own good.

Old habits are hard to break and many times need encouragement from someone on the outside who can be objective. I truly believe if he can conquer or achieve orgasm denial he can apply this to other facets of his life and learn to control himself in a more beneficial manner.
Ms Scarlett

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"Why Men Love Orgasm Denial" - by Mistress Dallas - 888-232-1467

Men love those wonderful pleasure sensations they get when they are nearing and at the edge. But, if they have a release, those sensations end (until the next time). Our wonderful stroker boys have figured out that the best way to get the most pleasure is to have a wonderful Mistress direct them in stroking to the edge and keeping them at that edge. Then edging them even closer and closer. When the thighs begin to tremble, along with the belly, chest and arms, the pleasure is at its most intense. The orgasm simply ruins that pleasure by stopping it abruptly. How much more fun to stop stroking and still feel that pleasure coursing through the body for a long time after.

* * * *

"Why Men Love Orgasm Denial" - by Ms Ashley - 877-474-1933

Why cut the pleasure short? Our strokers have learned that they can keep the pleasure going for hours simply by denying themselves the release that many men settle for.

I believe that the men that choose this particular niche are very strong in their business and personal lives. They tire of being the agressor and enjoy someone else "being in charge." What better way to shift this role than to have a beautiful, sexy, woman making the decisions for them?

* * * *

"Why Men Love Orgasm Denial" - by Ms Ava - 800-356-6169

As men mature, they begin to realize there is something to be said for deliberate delayed gratification. Additonally, many males in their daily lives are so used to being in charge, whether it be in their careers, households, relationships, etc. Society dictates that men assume this role and it is never considered whether it is actually healthy or productive to live out one's life in this manner. Men seek orgasm denial as a way to counter these societal "values" and to enjoy the opportunity to relinquish their own sense power and control, even if it is just temporary or in this one area.

It provides them with an outlet, a way to liberate themselves and not have to be consumed with the daunting prospect of having to make decisions all of the time. Allowing a woman to manipulate and determine when or if he is allowed to orgasm is the ultimate power exchange for a man. The one thing that brings him so much pleasure is now not so certain anymore. Paradoxically, when living in a perpetual state of denial, a man learns to simply exhale and let go...for when he is not constantly fixated on his cock, he can finally be free.

* * * *

Why Men Love Orgasm Denial: by Ms Amber of Cock Control

Men love being controlled, especially when they are in an environment where they are in control all day. Because they are usually in control of everything they get off on the fact that this is one area they are not in control. They have a dominant female making all of the moves for them and walking them through the steps just to deny them at the end. This creates a heightened sensation for the man and they can't wait until next time even knowing they will be denied yet again. Finally, someone else is in control and they love every moment of it!

* * * *