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What Is Penis Chastity? And Why do Some Men Need It?

Penis Chastity and Control: Men vs. Women

There are physical differences between women and men that are obvious to everyone. One major difference that many people tend to overlook is that women have far more self control than men. For example: the sexiest man alive could walk into the room and, through the throbbing sensation that everyone feels between their legs, a woman has enough control to not let her "arousal" take over there head. Men on the other hand seem to always let their "head" take over their ability to think clearly. For this reason alone, men need a little help controlling their "heads" with penis chastity, so they are not popping up at the wrong moment.

The male penis is a very interesting instrument. While being a source of great pleasure, controlling the penis has been proven to be one the greatest defeats of men. It is often thought to have a mind of its own that seems to get men in trouble from time to time. Women are not sold on the idea of a penis deciding what's best for anyone. We can not fathom how one sexual organ can cause a temporary lack of use of the rest of the human body. However, it does happen and because it does something has to be done about it.

Castration or Penis Chastity: The Choice is Easy!

There are really only two choices of how to make sure that a man's penis doesn't take over his ability to think clearly: complete removal or lock it up. Complete removal of the penis is a rather harsh option that is usually a last resort. Locking up the penis, on the other hand, has been proven to be extremely beneficial. Women understand that it is difficult to break away from old habits. Allowing the penis to have a mind of its own is a bad habit that most men have no idea they have. . .but they do. Locking it up, however, is the best way to break the bad habit while allowing the penis to still exist.

If it were up to men, they would walk around with their penis in their hand so that they would be able to masturbate at the first sign of a beautiful women. The problem with this is there are far more beautiful women than men. Women appreciate the pleasures of the penis and we actually enjoy having some of them around. We don't appreciate, however, the frustration that is caused when the penis takes over a man's natural ability to think clearly and make wise decisions. Locking the penis up in a chastity device is a teaching method that many women resort to after continued attempts to teach a man self control.

When All Else Fails - Lock Up the Penis!

Women have tried many methods over the years to teach men to appreciate them and it seems that locking the penis up is the most affective method. Many women in relationships with men who can not control their penis believe that if they find another man to satisfy their sexual desires they would be able to teach their lover how to control themselves. While this method may be affective for some, men still find a reason to let their penis control their thoughts and body so the attempt goes in vain.

When a woman makes the decision to lock up their lovers penis and find another lover, the result are drastically different. Instead of being able to use the erotic visual stimulation to find just cause to masturbate, men who are "locked-up" must wait until they are released before they are able to return to their old habits. Over time, being locked up develops a mans appreciation for ejaculating and they start looking forward to the opportunity.

Penis Chastity: Trial and Error

During the process of having their penis "locked-up", some men are able to see the errors of their bad habits and self control is born. They are able to resist the constant temptations to let their "penis" determine their next action. Even during actual masturbations and/or intercourse, they are able to hold out longer than before (something that may have been impossible before they were taught the true meaning of self control). Wearing a chastity device becomes easier for these men and they are able experience the highest level of pleasure for their penis.

Then there are some men who are incapable of getting over their bad habits and their penis continues to be the first source of their decision making process. Until they are ready to surrender complete control of their penis they can not be trusted to maintain the level of self control that they have yet to discover. Women like myself understand that these men need to be "locked-up" on a regular basis.

The penis is a great source of pleasure and should be shared with everyone who can appreciate it. With that being said, until men are able to control themselves and their urges, there will always be a need to lock up the penis. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing a set of keys around my neck now. . . .