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"Waiting for Her" - A Tease and Denial Essay by BillyBear

I've had the pleasure of turning over control of my cock to MsGrace for about four months now. Through a rather significant mistake on my part I undertook denial completely on my own without her knowledge. I nearly went insane. Since then we've both agreed that denial isn't the way to go for me. I am permitted release whenever necessary.

That brings me to the aneros. MsGrace has been a fan of this toy since I've known Her. In early January I recently acquired one and was extremely excited to try it out. However I wanted to do this for the very first time under Her guidance. I've never played with an anal toy or had anything "up there" in my life.

Well I had Real World events, She got sick. In short, before I realized it I had waited without cumming for my Mistress about two weeks before we were finally able to get together on the phone. Was it worth the wait? Oh my yes! Here's a brief snippet of my aneros experience from my blog:

She's coaxing me to cum now. Gently, taking Her time but building it up. Her cock is unimaginably hard at this point in time. I don't think it's ever been harder. I'm getting to the moment of going over and I'm subconsciously clinching at this point. I'm not trying to fight it at all but I am trying to preserve that moment in time when you actually do go over. You know what I mean I think, that one moment when you know the next stroke or dirty thought or trigger from Princess will "do it" and your orgasm will begin. For me the Aneros helped stretch that moment, I don't know if that's true "real time" but it's true "in my head time."

I literally feel my eyes roll back into my head and Her cock goes off like a rifle! I know this because the spasm of Her cock, the cinching, the "trigger" and everything else lined up just right and a huge wad of cum splashes against my chin! Like from a squirt gun. I am not kidding. Sheesh!

This unexpected event jars me a little bit and I'm cautiously opening my eyes to get an update. My Princess is saying something, encouraging and calming words I think. I've been reduced to some primal state, I can hear Her in the background but I'm not really listening or understanding. The splash of sperm has caused me to snap Her cock into an upright position. Normally I'm more of a dribbler but in this case Her cock is proud and hard and and cum is flowing out of the head with littler eruptions shooting up. Her little Vesuvius.

The orgasm rolls on but Her cock is loosing steam turning more into the Wicked Witch of the West, "I'm shrinking, what a wicked world ... what a wicked world" while still spasming and cumming. I'm starting to understand what MsGrace is saying now. She's calming me, telling me to breathe slowly, calm down. I have no idea what She heard from me, what I said or moaned or anything. I'm pretty sure She heard me though because as I was starting to come to my senses She was right there with me. Her timing perfect! So I think I was giving back.

My point is that my desire to experience this with my Mistress put me into denial and I didn't even realize it until about the day of the call. I find it interesting that a bond can form this tightly between a pet and a Mistress that the pet will voluntarily deny himself pleasure for the increased pleasure he can get from waiting for his Mistress.

Wait for Her, honestly, it is sooo worth it!