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The Benefit of Prostate Milking in Long Term Orgasm Denial

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Orgasm Denial and Prostate Milking: Incorporating Milking into your Denial Program

Orgasm Denial is the practice of erotic stimulation that brings the individual to the point of an orgasm but then denying the release of the orgasm. Orgasm denial is often practiced in association with BDSM. Orgasm Denial can either be self inflicted or utilized by the one who maintains the control and is often doing the teasing per say. When Orgasm Denial is utilized in association with BDSM it is used as a form of discipline and training of the submissive. The Dominant partner will continuously bring the sub to the point of orgasm but not allow the release. Prostate Milking can be utilized in addition to this practice and will be covered more in depth as you read on further. The objective is to give you a better understanding and an acceptance of how pleasurable this can be.

Prostate Milking is done by massaging the prostate through the anus in order to release all of the seminal fluids. Much more fluids are released by this procedure than what is achieved by erotic stimulation bringing oneself to orgasm. The release of the seminal fluids through prostate stimulation distinctly empties out all fluids directly from it's source. Thus it will take much longer to build up more juice so to speak.

Normal society may criticize individuals who perform these actions used in BDSM. How ever this is the realm of BDSM and normal has no meaning here. The world of BDSM has unlimited possibilities. Prostate Milking in correspondence with orgasm denial training in order to reinforce it opens up many doors to understanding great pleasure and total submission to the Dominant partner.

How to administrate prostate milking - prostate massage in order to release seminal fluids:

The male subject must be relaxed. Many sources giving expert advise on how to conduct this suggests that the male bathe before he does so.

There are several methods that can be used. You can insert 1 finger or two into your anus sliding them up towards your stomach until you hit the prostate. This can also be done by your partner. Some use latex gloves with lubrication but that is optional. Lubrication is the one item that is highly suggested to ensure better success.

To achieve an even better rate of success and comfort for prostate stimulation a sex toy can be used specifically designed with a curve for prostate stimulation. One of the most popular of these devices is the aneroes. The type of toy used to carry out this act can be left up to yourself or possibly the dominant partner.

Now that you know how to reach the prostate correctly massage it. Keep massaging it until the seminal fluids are released. Once the fluids begin to release keep massaging in order to assure all fluids are emptied. An ice pack can also be used and placed on the balls to undermine the pleasure of the prostate massage.

List of important key factors for prostate stimulation:

* Hygiene

* Male is relaxed when performing this act.

* Patience because the amount of time it takes to achieve release of the fluids differentiates from individual to individual.

* Sometimes an ice pack on the balls to minimize the orgasmic pleasure is applied.

* To understand that prostate stimulation is not an actual orgasm.

* The release since it is not an orgasm will leave the male more sexually frustrated than before.

* Prostate stimulation is also used in accordance with orgasm denial training in order to maintain denial for extended periods of time.

* Practice makes perfect. Do not become too frustrated if not successful the first time. Each time this is performed one will become more and more relaxed thus ensuring a greater chance for successful milking.

Remember this is not a medical opinion how ever it is the information accumulated here with the hope to help you to better understand how to take your orgasm denial training experience a step further.

One form of prostate stimulation in the practice of orgasm denial

The male will be milked so to speak. The dominant partner will use prostate stimulation to put the sub into a compromising position perhaps. How ever an understanding of who is truly in control will be realized. Once the seminal fluids are completely emptied then the teasing really begins. Remember that when massaging the prostate it is important to keep massaging until all of the fluids are emptied. Do not stop until then. Too often individuals who are inexperienced or have done the process wrong will often times stop once they believe it is all emptied. The reason for repeating this is to really help you to understand it's importance.

The Femdom will then continue to stimulate the sub continuously and watch as the male is truly frustrated. After prostate milking it takes a very long time for the male body to be able to achieve orgasm once again. It may take hours or even days depending on the individual.

Continuous stroking to the penis can be done for several hours after the prostate milking but yet the male will become more frustrated. He will keep doing it and keep doing. Common behavior in men is to not being able to stop because the need to cum builds up so greatly. Their mind is telling them to keep on going even though they can not cum.

Orgasm Denial = Sexual Frustration.

Stimulation in correlation to long term orgasm denial:

Prostate stimulation will be used to allow the male partner some sort of pleasure even though they are denied. It is also used to ensure the health of the male sub and prevent the accidents that may happen while dreaming is just one example. Extreme orgasm denial can be a strain on the prostate at times if fluids are not released. No matter what though, the male will release the fluids naturally even if he wants to or not. The prostate stimulation is used to make sure this does not happen. When the male is milked he can pretty much be kept in denial indefinitely.

Always keep in mind that safety and the health of all involved always comes first.

The number one enjoyment of prostate milking is the heightened sexual frustration achieved by the male sub when it is administered. That in itself is worth exploring. An orgasm seems so much more worth while when it is earned by a sub.