This is what we promise our clients:


— An Amazing call every time

— Guaranteed Satisfaction

— Accurate billing and quick responses to billing questions

— 24/7 customer support

— Privacy, security, and discretion in all we do


Although this may be a rarity in the adult entertainment industry, here at LDW/Enchantrix, we believe we owe each and every one of our callers a world-class customer service experience.

We want to make it easy and enjoyable to do business with us. We want you to be able to pick up the phone and enjoy yourself without being concerned that you might not receive the quality of service you’re hoping for and deserve, that your billing might not be accurate, or that your personal information might not be secure. With us, you never need to worry about these things – we’ve got you covered.




Your phone entertainment options are vast and varied, and you have hundreds of services and thousands of ladies with whom you can choose to spend your hard-earned money. We completely understand that you may feel you are taking a risk by calling a new service or selecting a new phone companion, which is why we offer this satisfaction guarantee.

If you find, within the first few minutes of your call, that it’s not meeting your expectations, you may politely request to go back to the Dispatcher and ask to speak with someone else.




We promise our callers the very best in call quality and customer service, and that is our top priority. When we interview potential erotic telephone entertainers and support staff, we screen candidates at length to ensure their attitudes and beliefs are in line with the company’s dedication to making you, our valued customer, happy each and every time you visit our sites and call our service.




At LDW/Enchantrix, we’re all about long-term relationships. We have a variety of resources available to help you choose the right Mistress before committing to a call. Complete the online questionnaire at www.myperfectmistress.com, and one of our Expert Mistress Matchmakers will use your responses to recommend the perfect Phone Mistress to meet your needs.

Our friendly and helpful Erotic Concierge Team is also happy to answer any questions you may have about our sites and services, as well as help you find a Phone Mistress for your next session.  We also offer 24/7 support through our Dispatch Center at 800-375-0207 and support@enchantrixempire.com.




We’re willing to work with you and do whatever it takes to make sure that your expectations are met with every interaction. We’ll talk with you to find out what went wrong, and what we need to do differently to make your next call right. 




We aim to resolve all billing and customer service issues quickly and effectively.


Please reach out to us directly with any billing concerns you may have before contacting your credit card issuer, and we will be sure to get it straightened out in a timely manner. When you have an issue, you can receive immediate attention by calling our Dispatch Center at 800-376-0207.


The Dispatch Center is open and staffed by a live operator 24/7, and every dispatcher is trained, authorized, and empowered to resolve most customer service issues and billing issues and questions. If you have an issue that cannot be resolved by our dispatcher, your issue will be escalated to a member of management for quick resolution.


If you are unable to call, please email support@enchantrixempire.com. Briefly summarize your concern and provide as much information as possible, so we can research and resolve the issue. Let us know if you’d like us to get back to you via email or telephone.




Our billing procedures and data handling processes are 100% compliant with the Payment Card Industry’s most stringent standards for secure credit card processing, which are designed to minimize theft and instances of security compromise. 

In addition, we limit the number of individuals within the company who have access to your billing information. Even the owner of the company cannot see your full billing information once it’s entered into our system – all information is encrypted.




When you call, your information is processed by our Dispatchers, who are highly trained in PCI standards for secure handling of personally identifiable information and credit card data, and our stringent privacy policy. 

We will only provide information about your calls to YOU. If someone calls to inquire about a transaction on a credit card statement, but they are not the person who made the call, the caller is advised that our privacy policy does not allow us to provide this information to anyone except the original caller.

We understand that there are times and circumstances when you must maintain discretion in your activities. If you are in this situation, consider using prepaid gift cards. Please do not use a credit card that is shared with others from whom you prefer to keep your use of the service private. To find out which stores near you sell prepaid gift cards, or to order online, search for “prepaid gift cards” on Google.




If you have a great experience with us, we want to know. And if you have an experience with us that could have been better, we want to know that even more. We spend a lot of time looking for ways to improve our service and are committed to this never-ending effort, but things happen. And when they do, we need to know. If something about your experience could’ve been better, and you don’t tell us about it, we can’t make it better. 

If you’d like to rate your experience on a specific phone call, we invite you to visit Rate My Call to do so. For more general feedback about the sites and/or your overall experience with the service, please email us directly at support@enchantrixempire.com.




We think it’s very important that you have an understanding of what we are promising you every time you visit our sites, and every time you pick up the phone to call. 

We take this promise very seriously, and we encourage you to expect that we fulfill our promise to you with every interaction. As our customer, it is your right to do just that, and our goal is to meet your expectations for quality, erotic telephone entertainment and world-class customer service. Thank you for the opportunity, and the pleasure, to strive for this goal on a daily basis.