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Self Tease and Denial

By Mistress Cecilia of Cock Control

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Cock Teasing Yourself with Porn

If you are training with a Mistress and she is cock teasing you, or flat out denying you, and you are waiting for her instructions to let you release in between sessions, what can you do in the mean time? There are ways to heighten your ‘tease and denial’ days to get your heart rate pumping and to add to your experience with your Mistress.

Porn and Tease and Denial

Watching porn is one of the best ways to tease yourself, and to stimulate yourself. Not only that, you can share with your Mistress how you been teasing yourself and how good you have been whilst watching hot pornographic videos that stimulate your mind, your eyes, your ears and your cock! It is possible that your Mistress can provide you with materials to cock tease yourself with - such as pornographic magazines, movies, videos or pictures. Mistresses sometimes like to watch porn too, and can also find ways to tease you.

Make sure you choose pornographic videos that you enjoy and make sure to bring yourself to the edge of ejaculation whilst viewing the material. This is the best way to cock tease yourself! Have plenty of lubrication with you and keep in mind that you are going through a tease and denial period - don’t ejaculate!

Have Your Mistress Choose your Teasing Porn

Perhaps have your Mistress choose the porn for you - so you can be surprised by what she eventually wants you to watch. Direct her to your favorite type of porn, or website, or favorite magazine. Then, she has the power to choose even what you view.

Have fun - and, do not, I mean, do not cum until your Mistress says so.

Written by Mistress Cecilia 1-800-356-6169

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