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Tease and Denial for One - How to Tease and Deny Yourself

By Empress Ivy of Cock Control

Teasing and denying yourself takes an insane amount of self-control. Control that most of you cock strokers may not have. However with training and devotion you can learn to tease and deny yourself, bringing yourself to the edge time and time again and then denying yourself the pleasure of exploding.

But you have to have that desire to control it. Something you should think of, is that every time you deny yourself, pressure is built up, and doing it again and again, continues to build that desire and want, and eventually need for release. When you do finally release, it is such an intense climax that you feel instantly weak and it is like nothing you have ever felt before.

Teasing yourself can be a variety of things:

You can use a feather that tickles your cock and balls, or the tip of a paint brush. Tickling is a heighten sensation, one that you will love doing to yourself. If you've never tried it. Do so.

Using two fingers, your pointer finger and thumb and massaging your cock in different spots is a teaser also. Adding some lotion or lube heightens everything. The slippery feeling, the want and need to grab a hold of your cock with your hole hand, but don't. your just teasing, just tickling, just caressing.

Using different toys can tease yourself or experimenting with different ways of strocking your cock. Like if you stroke your cock while its inside your panties or boxers, ads a bit of teasing fun, since you are not actually in contact with it.

Denying yourself can be difficult:

You cock is hard, your cock is excited - you want the feeling of cumming all over yourself. But don't. If you are getting close just LET GO. Hear the voice of your mistress commanding you to let go. Listen to your mistress's voice. Just think to yourself...

Would she allow you to cum right away?

What type of punishment would you receive if you came without begging and edging first? (the answer is simple most of the time, the next time, she wouldn't let you come at all and would keep you on edge.)

Sit on your hands if you have to. Make it a game. How many times can you edge yourself before you have to let go?

But I caution you, be careful. Some of you cock strokers will get so close to the edge that when you stop, instead of it stopping you do cum, and then its ruined.

Happy Stroking!
Written by Mistress Ivy 1-800-356-6169

Mistress Delia's Tips on How to Tease and Deny Yourself

Anyone who has done a Tease and Denial, guided masturbation, or edging call with me knows how much I love to tease and deny a cock. I have had many assignment requests, and feel that teasing one's cock is so very sexy, that I do very much want to share one of my favorite tried and true ways to tease and deny a cock! I will give all of the information you will need to Tease and Deny yourself. Remember, when you do this exercise, you are doing it for Mistress Delia, so do it well!

Things you'll need:
" Lube
" Dice or online dice
" A block of time, at least an hour
" A towel to clean up the explosion if you get to cum

What to do:
Strip down naked, because this is what I like. Get on a couch, chair or bed, wherever you are most comfortable. Roll your dice. With online dice, I choose 6 to roll. With a set you roll, I would suggest three rolls. Add your numbers and that is how many times you will tease and deny. Say for example you rolled a 5, a 7, and finally a 12. You'd be looking at 24 edges.

Now, take the lube and stroke your cock slowly anyway you like. Try your favorite way, the old stand by. Work your cock slowly, exciting it more and more. Think of it as a number line, one through five. One is just hard and not very excited, 3 is in the middle, hard and excited, but not so excited that you couldn't stop if needed. A 5 is the edge. This is where I want you to be! Work yourself up to a twitching, throbbing 5 that is about 3-5 strokes away from cumming. Stop.

Yes, stop. Remove your hand, take deep, gulps of air, relax your tense "ready to cum" muscles and relax. You will let your cock drop down to a three. Once there, you can start over again, getting to that agonizingly blissful 5, then stopping again. You will repeat this process until you have done the required amount of edges as determined by your dice rolls.

After this, you need to find out whether or not you may cum. This is best left to fate, and I like a coin toss. Don't have a coin? That's fine you can flip a coin online! It's easy. Now here are the rules. If you flip heads, you may cum. If you flip tails you must deny, as much as that makes you ache! I never said self Tease and Denial would be easy! I hope you have the will to follow through if the coin say No! Do you think you can really deny yourself? I hope you can!

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