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Why We Love Tease and Denial

Top 10 Reasons why Tease and Denial is Sexy

10. If watching a man stroke his cock is fun, watching him stroke it for a LONG TIME is even more fun.

9. Knowing that you have erotic control of a man is very hot: knowing how to control that control is even hotter.

8. Those sexy, squishy sounds.

7. Hearing a man beg and plead for release - either through orgasm or through stopping the stimulation - is very arousing/

6. Tease and denial where the man is masturbating to your instructions is sexy, because watching or listening to a man masturbate is sexy.

5. Having the power to withhold such a pleasurable experience as orgasm is a big rush of power

4. Tease and denial is a very intimate experience

3. Tease and denial makes a man who already wants you extremely badly, want you even more!

2. If a man is turned on enough, through tease and denial, a Masturbatrix can make him do pretty much anything.

And the Number One Reason why Tease and Denial is Sexy...

When you finally DO get to cum after a long tease and denial session - You Hit the Ceiling - Literally!

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