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Quite often, I’m asked by visitors of our websites if I think women are “better” than men. Female Superiority is something that interests and intrigues many who are into femdom, or women in control.

I Don’t Think Women are “Superior”

And you know what? I don’t think women are “better”. This may surprise you to hear, since I am heavily involved in the world of men under the erotic control of women. But “better” or “worse” are qualities that are far too simple to be applied to the complexity of an entire gender. There are an infinite number of criteria on which an assessment of ‘better’ or ‘worse’ can be made when it comes to gender, sure. For instance:

– Who’s better at sports? Men or women?
– Who’s better at figure skating – men or women?
– Who’s better at communication – men or women?
– Who’s better at negotiating business transactions – men or women?
– Who’s better at giving oral sex to men? To women?

It’s sexy and fun to think women are superior to men in general. But to subscribe to this philosophy, one must discount the dozens of glaring examples one sees each day of women who certainly to whom the adjective “superior” is inarguably inapplicable. I’ll refrain from listing them here – I’ll let you do that below, if you so desire (smile)

Women are Better than Men at Erotic Domination

However, I do think that women are better than men at erotic control of the opposite sex. In my experience with dominant men, I’ve found that they are still “men” at heart, and at the end of it all they want to fuck (or get a blowjob). This desire involves an inherent weakness – the submissive woman can control the dominant male with this knowledge, if she chooses. Not so for dominant woman. While we do love sex, personally I think most women are better at postponing their desire for sexual fulfillment than men are. And thus they are less susceptible than men are to submissive manipulation. They can stay in control, longer and more thoroughly, than dominant men.

So what do you think? Are women “superior” in general? Are they superior when it comes to being dominant over the opposite sex?


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