Giantess E-Book

Holly's Giantess Audio Book

The Giantess Fetish: A Primer

Mistress Holly shares another insightful, witty eBook for all you fetish lovers out there. Whether you want to explore the Giantess fetish for the first time, or are just curious how other people play – purchase this audio & ebook directly from the Enchantrix Erotic Audios Store.

Check out Ms Holly’s Giantess Audio Book, Here!

Over thirty minutes of recorded audio and just under 25 pages, this e-book will cover all you need to know about how the Giantess fetish works.

Why does Mistress Holly love to share her knowledge with ebooks? It’s easy, she simply adores delving into topics and spreading around kinky smarts. If you would like to hear Mistress Holly live she is on Cock Radio every Friday night at Midnight EST. And… she happens to be the Featured Mistress of the Turkey Day this month! So be sure to mark your calenders and sneak off for some naughty fun while the bird is a-cookin’

And if you are ready for some LIVE Giantess Phonesex, don’t forget to check out to see which of the lovely ladies of LDW love being your Amazon Goddess!

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