Ms Delia Says:

“I love anal play, and have quite the collection of anal toys, prostate massagers, and strap-ons! I love breaking in a man, and think every man should experience the pleasures of anal play often. It is important to know that you can’t just go right from wanting the actual experience anal play or a strap-on to immediately riding a large dildo. There are steps you must take in between, and these steps are very pleasurable, especially when added to masturbation.

Get To Know Your Ass!

The first thing you need to learn about is anatomy. I could get very technical with you and discuss striated verses circular muscles, but I will be happy just to tell you that you have two sphincter muscles to break through with any anal toys. The outer sphincter muscle you can control. Go ahead squeeze it now. I bet it feels good. The inner sphincter muscle is an involuntary muscle and is not one you can control! If it spasms while you try anal play, it can hurt, and you will have to wait about 30 seconds until the spasm passes. Another quick tip to getting past the inner sphincter is to gently bear down. This causes it to relax. ”

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