On Ms Violet’s Blog, “LDW’s Toy” asks:

“I have often heard about “topping from the bottom”. Even been accused of it. But we are told to be good communicators. I think this creates a blurry, gray area. Also, one of the things I have been told is a positive about me is that I am pretty vocally responsive (moans & such). But that could be taken as suggestive…Especially in this area & even more so with the distance factor, communication becomes more important than ever. So does this get confusing?
How do you let someone know that you are open to an idea? Especially a sub to a Mistress. But it only makes sense if it is her idea. I guess how does a woman say “If you ask me to marry you I will say yes” but not ask herself? I want to let her know that she is on the right track. But I don’t want to take the reins. There is a practical application to this. And something that I don’t want to directly say. I think it could taint things. I think this is a big deal & I think it is a thing we all think about in everything. But want to say “hey go down this path”. I don’t want to lead. But I really don’t think it would take leading. More like a gentle nudge…”

Ms Violet Responds:

I feel you are taking a real life standard and applying it to a phone domination situation. It just does not apply here. For instance…if you were a submissive who lived with his Mistress and you two were in session together it would be completely out of line for you to give her instructions or suggestions in mid-play. But…you would already know each other. She would already know your boundaries, or limits if you prefer. Unless an emergency situation arises, it is expected that you will take what your Mistress wishes to give, or what you two have negotiated for this particular scene…

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