Edging and Self-Control

Having trouble with premature ejaculation? Does your big willie wet the walls whenever it wants? Do you masturbate because you can or just because you think you should? Does every pair of perky tits get you hard and aching for relief? Sounds like you have self-control issues, baby. And the sexual technique of edging might be exactly what you need.

What the Hell is Edging?

Basically, edging or peaking, what some fans call it, is stimulating yourself or a partner to the hyper-aroused state a person peaks at right before they explode in an orgasm, and then stopping before they actually do cum. If you don’t know or sadly, have never really felt it, it’s the point where your entire body feels like it’s on fire with excitement and you really are ready to explode.

The different techniques of edging teach you to control the process of getting to climax using the timing, intensity and type of stimulation and by knowing you and your partner’s sexual threshold well enough to be able to stop before you erupt.

Premature Ejaculation

Doctors have prescribed edging techniques to help men with premature ejaculation syndrome, providing them exciting results and a solid groundwork for self-control, for years. The hot thing is, if you are prone to jet your cum unannounced and a little too early, edging techniques will help you out with that and get you fucking off-the-charts hot at the same time….

Stop premature ejaculating and learn some self control! Click here for some tips on delaying orgasm…

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