For those that haven’t already met her, let us introduce you to Tabetha–the lastest Mistress to be interviewed for the “Getting to Know Ms. _____” series. You can listen to her sexy audio sample here, or read more about her on her Cock Control profile, located here. When you’re ready to play, she can be reached at 800-356-6169 (or your favorite LDW/Enchantrix toll free number).

Cassidy: Welcome to your “Getting to Know Tabetha” Interview πŸ™‚
Tabetha: Thank you, it’s nice to be here
Molly: Tell us–how long have you been an LDW Mistress now?
Tabetha: For a year now… and it went fasssst!
Molly: It did!
Molly: And in the year since you’ve been here, have you learned anything new?
Molly: Anything shocking or surprising?
Cassidy: Or super naughty?
Tabetha: Oh man! The things I have learned… it just amazes me to think how much I thought I knew about kink, sex, conversation. I can darn near read thoughts with just a simple choice in a word.
Tabetha: And naughty … you can always learn about that.
Tabetha: It’s like Jello
Molly: Jello is super naughty! πŸ˜‰
Cassidy: Jello will get you drunk and let you play in it
Tabetha:Yes! Jello drunk fights.
Tabetha: Count me in.

Cassidy: Have you found any fetish you love more than the others?
Cassidy: Or something you are especially good at?
Tabetha: Yes, I have discovered Cuckolding a man with my Bull bf is very sexually liberating.
Molly: Your Bull has a bunch of admirers out there already, doesn’t he?
Tabetha: HEHE, yes you could say Tye is becoming very well known.
Tabetha: He comes up a lot!
Cassidy: I bet!
Molly: For inquiring minds that must know, what is Tye like?
Molly: How is he making a name for himself?
Tabetha: Well, Tye is very aggressive! Athletic, and he likes to call himself old school.
Tabetha: I guess the best way he’s making a name for himself would be he loves rough sex, and making others submit just as much as I do.
Tabetha: He is my male counter part… only Chocolate. HAHA
Molly: Everyone loves chocolate!
Tabetha: Now that’s better than Jello
Cassidy: So he helps you play with the cuckolds I know! Do the sissies get some Tye love too?
Tabetha: He does help me play! Some of the sissies are a bit shy with Tye, but they do want to know all about him
Tabetha: I get requests often for voice clips, so they can be a fly on the wall.
Molly: Most of them have probably never been with someone so manly and aggressive, so that’s understandable.
Tabetha: Of course! Most women haven’t been with a 6’8 man of steel.
Molly: Might some sexy audios be in his future?
Tabetha: LOL
Tabetha: Audios are very much in the future.

Cassidy: So, for sissies who’d like to be brave – What kind of sissies do you prefer? Slutty? Fashionistas?
Tabetha: Oh Slutty sissies always come in handy. πŸ˜‰ But those fashionistas have my heart. They love to help me play pranks on Tye.
Cassidy: Oh tell us!
Tabetha: Well, nothing better than bringing home a “girly girl” and watch him flirt his butt off. He’s a threesome LOVER!
Tabetha: It’s funny to have my friends giggle, and flirt back. He can be clueless at first. LMAO!!
Tabetha: I find it to be a good ego stroke all around.
Molly: What does he do when he finds out they’re special girls?
Tabetha: Oh he’ll either laugh it off, or be in total shock that he couldn’t tell. But he is always a gentlemen, and may even ask about them later when he and I are alone.
Tabetha: Having Jello sex… you know
Cassidy: Mmmm now we’re looking forward to audios too!
Tabetha: HAHHA!

Cassidy: So, now that we know about Chocolate Tye and Jello Sex, tell us something about you that no one maybe knows! Something totally random that people would be surprised to learn about you.
Tabetha: Well, I perform with a Burlesque troupe, and we have become quite popular recently.
Tabetha: I have many costumes
Tabetha: Dances
Cassidy: I just saw your blog said “Lady Burlesque”!
Molly: That’s so hot! I bet you have an amazing collection of corsets, stockings, shoes, and frilly things!
Tabetha: Yes! That’s moi.
Tabetha: I certainly do!
Tabetha: As a matter of fact…
Tabetha: I have a wonderful sissy friend who has added to my collection.
Tabetha: She knows me very well
Cassidy: Oh that is wonderful!

Cassidy: Now that the guys are all excited, tell us, when is the best time for them to reach you?
Tabetha: Certainly!
Tabetha: I am on now at nights M-F 7pm-2amest
Tabetha: And weekends are random
Molly: Do you take appointments?
Tabetha: Of course!
Tabetha: Appointments are the best.
Cassidy: If someone wanted to contact you, what is the best way? Email? Yahoo? EE?
Tabetha: Email, yahoo, ee in that order. I try to be quick with my emails!
Molly: Awesome!
Molly: One last thing…
Molly: Where can they go to check out your blog, and read your naughty burlesque tales?
Tabetha: Oh great question! All my friends can find out more at
Tabetha: And follow me on twitter @TabethaVox
Molly: Yay! The boys love Twitter.
Cassidy: Oh Twitter is fun!
Tabetha: And I do too! Lot’s of my daily updates there. And I follow back. πŸ™‚
Molly: Thank you so, so much for taking time out of your busy day to talk to us!
Cassidy: We had fun talking with you πŸ™‚
Tabetha: And again thank you for having me ladies, this was fun!
Molly: Kiss Tye for us.
Tabetha: Oh I will! πŸ˜‰
Cassidy: OH yes give him LOTs of kisses for us
Tabetha: Well that will lead to a wonderful place. HAHA!

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