There are lights that twinkle like stars and lights that shine so bright they overwhelm your senses, making you feel as though you are part of them, slipping into their neon brilliance and shining yourself.  You become one of the many shades of pinks and blues, greens and yellows, just waiting to be adored and then flame out and be laid to rest in a neon graveyard.  That is how Las Vegas at night makes you feel.  Not like, wow look at the lights, but as though you are the lights, the excitement, the city itself.  If you have never flown into Las Vegas at night, you are missing out on one of the most spectacular shows of lights from the air, rivaled only by New York and Paris, but driving to your hotel in that same no longer dark night, is the true experience.   Molly and I arrived in Las Vegas last night.  We missed the group trip and were disappointed, but those guys in Texas distracted us!

We both decided that this would be our next stop because we  love the Las Vegas scene and you know what they say, Diary…. What happens in Las Vegas never stays in Las Vegas if you’re with two sexy cock tease princesses!

So after we put our stuff away in the hotel room we went to find some food and fun, this is truly a city that never sleeps. We grabbed a couple of drinks at the bar and were headed across the restaurant to our table when this guy who was walking by us in the opposite direction looked at me and grabbed my hand and didn’t let go. What the fuck? I thought as he pulled on my arm to make me stop walking. He was kind of cute in a geeky sort of way. Molly had realized that he stopped me and walked back over to tell him off.  She opened her mouth to  tell him to get his hand of her girlfriend, then noticed, like I had, that he was kinda cute.   He told us both that we’re beautiful and that he wanted to buy us a drink. I nodded, said okay and we followed him back across the room. I looked over at Molly and smiled a knowing smile.  This one might be a fun tease, one that we can really enjoy!

Beauties and the Geek

One thing you may not know about Molly and me, is that we are total closet geeks.  Start talking WoW or ComicCon to us and you might just get laid, especially if you are cute in that awkward pretty boy way.  We’re picky though, so don’t count on it!  As it turns out he didn’t buy us any more to drink because we had full ones in our hands, but he sat there and gave us compliments and paid for appetizers, both things we love. Then Molly suggested we find a quieter place to continue our discussion. We looked around the restaurant and the adjoining casino. Eventually, we just found one of the maids and convinced her to let us into a room, promising it would only be a short time and tipping her very well.  

We went into the bathroom of the room, not wanting to make a mess and get her in trouble, and told him that we wanted to play a game called “stop and go” .  Because he was cute and geeky, we even helped him pull his cock out of his jeans, we have to see it to play this game.  There would be no hiding of the merchandise.  Molly explained to him that we would tell him when to stop stroking and then to go on stroking.  He said that he wanted one of us to stroke his cock for him.  I know, you’re thinking that we flat out refused, but you’d be wrong!  We did inform him we only touch cocks we like and he’d have to show us he could follow instructions first.  He grinned and started stroking.  We told him to close his eyes and stroke for ten seconds, we counted, and then stop. He did as he was commanded. We were impressed and did a few more variations of the game with him until he was right on the edge of an orgasm.

Stop and Go Hot and Cold

Then we made him stop again. We talked to him for a while about Las Vegas and how he liked it here. He said, breathlessly, that he was a resident of the city. We kept him talking for several minutes then had him close his eyes again and stroke his cock.  He was being so good, that we decided to be nice and took turns reaching down and stroking for him.  This almost drove him right over the edge.  He was so cute and fun I wondered if we should just let him cum, but then I saw the shower head and it was pointed so conveniently at him. I smiled and looked at Molly, who followed my eyes and grinned.  I put my hand on his cock again, telling him we were going to let him cum this time, if he could do it when we said. He nodded and Molly reached down, her hand on the cold water faucet.  The guy’s eyes were still closed. I stroked him faster, then stepped back and told him to finish on his own, NOW.
He groaned and started to cum, as Molly turned on the cold water and it hit him right in the face and chest.  He came anyway, but it the intense orgasm ruined and as he gasped and sputtered, Molly and I turned and ran out of the room, knowing the guy couldn’t follow immediately. It was a very successful teasing experience and we liked him a lot, so we left our room number with the maid to give to him when he came out, inviting him to come up for some real fun.

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