Dear Diary,
I’m writing this on our second night in Vegas, even though by the time you read it we’ll be long gone from here.  It’s such a great place that I hate to leave it.  But we are leaving for Southern California tomorrow.  Since it’s not a very long drive from here to Los Angeles, Cassidy and I thought it was silly to fly there.  So we’re renting a car tomorrow morning and driving through the desert.  Who knows what trouble we’ll get into, Diary!There are lots of fun things to do along the way I’m sure and even if there aren’t, anything is fun when we are there.

We wanted to get an early start on the drive, but we’re not really on a schedule and we still wanted to have a little more fun in  Vegas exploring the nightlife outside the casino.  We found a bar down the street from our hotel that was having a cross dressing beauty contest and we both knew that we would have to check it out.

Judging the Princess Wanna-Bes

We got to the club about an hour before the show started.  One whole side of the place had been cleared so that there was now a stage complete with a catwalk. The owner was tending bar and Cassidy struck up a conversation with him, motioning me over and introducing me.  We got along great and offered to help out. (What?  We are the Live Help Queens after all!)  He was in need of new judges who would be impartial and we are totally that!  So, suddenly we were judging the beauty contest.  Of course, we did make ourselves sound a bit more qualified, but considering the number of sissies we’ve seen, I can’t imagine anyone would be better at this than we would be.

After some free drinks, we took our seats at the judging table beside one other woman and two burly looking dudes.  Soon the lights went down and the show started.  All the contestants had either flower names like Daisy and Rose or their names were gemstones such as Diamond or Jade.  Their main pageant outfits and swimwear all used their name’s color scheme.  Diamond was in all silver the entire night while Ruby and Jade were in red and green.  It made for a really cool event.   And, they were all beautiful in their own ways!   It was really a difficult decision to make when it came to the winner.  Cassidy and I wondered whether to pick the most beautiful or the most poised or maybe even the funniest of the contestants. We were hoping to choose the sluttiest but there wasn’t a cock sucking event, so we couldn’t be sure!  Miss Orchid had us rolling in the aisles with her answers to the question “What would bring about world peace?” Her answer was if everyone on the planet would loosen up and not be so sexually buttoned up, then there would be no more tension, therefore no more reason for war. Her answer was a lot more colorful and included some flashing of her panties, but you get the gist, Diary.

Crowning the Winner

In the end, the finalists were Miss Orchid, Miss Amethyst, Lady Pearl and Princess Emerald.  Then talent contest cinched Lady Peal’s win.  A tightrope was strung across the stage, about ten feet off the ground.  Lady Pearl walked that tightrope in her bathing suit while balancing a tower of crowns on her bewigged head.  The fact that Lady Pearl was a statuesque six feet four inches tall in her bare feet made this quite a feat of grace!  She was crowned the winner and Princess Emerald was the runner up, just because she was a Princess like us and we adore green.  After the crowning, the two of them sat down at the bar and talked to Cassidy and me for a long time.  They told us their stories and we told them something about us.  It was a very interesting and informative night.  We had a huge bar tab, that we didn’t pay, by the end of the evening and more great memories of Las Vegas.

Tomorrow we head to Los Angeles, and more importantly Malibu.  Cassidy has promised to introduce me to Richie her ex-cuckie hubby and I know that will be at least funny  We still have some time though and a long drive through the desert and who knows what could happen out there?


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