Molly and I rented a bright blue Mustang and drove out of Las Vegas this morning.  Neither of us had taken this drive before so we were amazed that there was actually a lot more than desert on this road to California. I guess we thought there would be only tumbleweeds and cacti, or maybe just the wide open spaces.  Don’t get me wrong there was an emptiness in the drive, as though you were in another world, even with all the cars rushing past, sweethearts heading to Vegas to get hitched, gamblers on their way to destiny good or bad and then those going our way, out of the lights and into the plastic movie land that is Southern California.

There were spots though, final chances to lose it all or win big,  shopping outlets and places to get food.  We grabbed coffee and decided to pretend we were Thelma and Louise, putting the pedal down and making great time. We weren’t even thinking an opportunity for a cock tease would present itself.  We should have known!

Sweet Hitchhiker

It’s only about a five hour drive and that’s  if you drive the speed limit. I really had no reason to be in Los Angeles at a certain time, so we were in no hurry. We stopped and checked out the Hoover Dam, which was way cooler than we expected and did a little more gambling while we were still on the Nevada side. It was when we were riding down an empty stretch of road, radio full blast,  that we saw this blond hitchhiker. Molly and I looked at each other, knowing that we would have to pick him up. We’d talked about finding a Brad Pitt lookalike when we got in the car and this one was even rocking a cowboy hat and those tight jeans.

So we pulled over and waited while he walked over to us. “Nice car,” he said automatically. I swear, you could put us both naked in the car and a certain kind of  guy will spot a sports car before he sees anything else. We told him thanks and then asked him where he was headed. He said Los Angeles. His brother had gotten him a modeling contract there. Molly raised an eyebrow and I knew what she was thinking. He’s in the middle of the desert hitching a ride to LA even though he has a modeling contract waiting on him there? Really? But we let the lie slide for the time being. I leaned out the driver’s side window and told him that we would give him a ride to Los Angeles if he would dance naked for us in the desert.
He burst out laughing and asked if we were going to break out a big boom box and play “It’s Raining Men” while he did it. I smiled, having a silent Magic Mike fantasy for a moment, while Molly laughed and told him that we had better taste than that. He shrugged his shoulders and said sure. Molly got out, making sure he got a good look at her hot body while he climbed in the back seat. We took a side road that took us a little way into the desert. We couldn’t see any houses or people around, so we thought that this would be as good a place as any for a male dance review. When I stopped the car and got out, he laughed again and said, “You two really are going to make me get naked in the desert for a ride? I thought you were kidding.”

Dancing Naked in the Desert

Molly and I both laughed and said, “We never kid about naked dancing in the desert.  And we aren’t making you….”
He grinned and  stripped down while I chose an appropriate song for the occasion. The guy did have a great body. Maybe his story about modeling was true after all. When the music started, he began to dance. He was good at it. His moves were good and his ass was so tight that you could’ve bounced a quarter off of it. When the music was finished, he stopped and took a bow. Molly told him as he got dressed that she would’ve put money in his g string if he’d been wearing one. He said maybe she could do something else for him, but we know that wasn’t about to happen!  She just laughed and when we were all back in the car, we asked him his name, he said it was J.D. which was the perfect answer for us.
We arrived in Los Angeles about an hour ago, after we dropped off our cute hitchhiker at his destination and agreed to meet up with him again soon.  Now we’re on our way to the beach house in Malibu to relax, shower and plan our next tease.

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