Olivia 11 27Some of you have asked why I ask you to send emails rather than simply IM between your sessions.  Here’s your answer and a guide to some of the free fun around the Enchantrix Empire.

Now, if you want to get a sexy texting session between your other sessions then just send an IM telling me that you’d like to do a text session.  My YIM is:  enchantrixolivia.  This is different than the IMs that pop up to say hello or to chat and I’m now going to tell you why.

Science of Attention

One of my secrets to my expertise in phone sex fantasy exploration is that I pay attention.

That sounds like a no brainer but think about it.  In each moment, there are many things that are pulling at you (not in a good way).  The pace of life itself is fast and requires multi-tasking.  All that is good and I love the connectivity of smart phones and 6 million options for visual entertainment.  BUT, what this has done is help to decrease our ability to focus.


I continue to train myself to focus.  I’m able to multi-task, sure, but if you want the best I have to offer, then you will allow me to focus fully on you.  I can’t focus on YOU when I have 20 IMers chatting about various other topics, lining up a session, etc.  And, I know that you will not experience the best of me because of that lack of focus.

How to get to know the Experienced Mistress

If you’re trying to ‘get to know me’ on IM you won’t get a real sense of what is possible because I’m multi-tasking.  You will also be left hanging because someone else got a session before you did.  When I get a session, I will stop IMing.   That’s frustrating for both of us.

If you want to get to know me, just send an email, I’ll send you lots of links of things that I’ve already written, produced, recorded, etc., so that you can ‘get to know me.’  You can also check with the lovely ladies on the Live Help Desk and read my phone sex reviews.

Allow Me to Focus on You

Whether you are doing a session or getting a free response from me, I take our relationship and contact seriously.   I will answer you.  Sessions take priority.  Sessions can include your phone call, sexy texting, Skype session, paid email packages, cock training programs or custom audios.

Email Between Sessions

I know many of you adore the quick contact between sessions.  Send an email to olivia AT enchantrixempire.com.  I will answer all your emails (often very quickly if I am able to respond quickly).  If you’d like to do scenes, get instructions/assignments or have longer emails exchanges ask about getting an email package and you’ll get the time and personal attention that you want.

Blog Comments

I love blog comments and will answer each and every comment that you post.  This is a great way to carry on a conversation with Mistress.  It allows me to fully focus on you and your comment.

All the free fun!

Here’s a post that can help you navigate all the sexy free fun from Ms Olivia.


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