Holiday Get Togethers

It’s the holidays and I’m sure you get together with your family.  When I was young and we all got together, after all the food, we’d play board games.  And you know what the absolute worst was?  Monopoly!  It lasts forever, and by the time you’re done everyone hates everyone else.  But I have a stroking game you can play with Monopoly.  I just recommend you don’t play it with your family….

Strokes on the Board

Get out the board, get naked for me, and roll the dice.  You know how every property has a dollar value?  Well, you’re not going to buy anything.  That’s how many times you’re going to stroke that cock.  So, land on Virginia Avenue?  That’s 160 strokes.  Land on Boardwalk?  400 strokes for you! Land on Community Chest?  Pinch your nipples for 1 minute.  Land on Free Parking?  Think about me parking my beautiful ass and wet pussy on your face.  If you land on the Jail?  Multiply your dice roll by 10 and spank your ass that many times.

Will Mistress Alexandria allow you to cum?

You have two chances to cum.  If you land on Chance, you get a “Chance to Cum.”  Roll those bones – and see if your boner gets to cum!  If you roll doubles, you still have a chance – but only if it was a double 6.  Anything other than doubles and you have a choice.  You can multiply by 10 and stroke that many times – or you can ruin your orgasm.  If you don’t roll doubles, multiply by ten, stroke that many times, then keep going.  The other way to cum?  You need to land EXACTLY on Go!  If you land on Go!, you get to stroke and cum.  Make sure you clean up after yourself!

Happy Holidays Stroker’s

Much Love,
Mistress Alexandria

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