Maybe you are the man that likes to wear women’s panties.  You love the feeling of femininity.  The look and feel of satin edged with lace covering your cock and balls gets you aroused.  Maybe you are a sissy who enjoys pinaforing as part of your coerced feminization fantasy.  The idea of your Mistress exacting petticoat punishment is highly erotic to you.  Sexual excitement is gained through the process of applying cosmetics, wearing feminine undergarments and donning some sexy heels and a designer bag.  Now you are appropriately decorated for a shopping excursion to your favorite lingerie store!  Whatever your feminization phone fantasy consists of, whatever experiences and desires you have, LDW has open-minded Mistresses to guide you on your feminization journey.




Catherine “Silky lingerie feels so much better next to the skin, doesn’t it? Let’s make ourselves comfortable, have a real girlie night in. We’ll exchange beauty secrets, paint our nails and bitch about men.”





Jordan:  “I’m looking for all Girlie Girls! Let’s explore your assets and capitalize on them. Are you willing to be a diva in the making?”




Ms Sierra


Sierra “I understand that you have been unable to share this secret aspect of yourself with the people in your life. Not only do I understand your desire and need to feel feminine … in turn, I deeply desire the woman in you.”





Sloane “…found this bra you may like… it’s your size… and the color? Oh! Perfect! Lemme see…yep, here’s the matching thong and, heels, heels, I KNOW I have them somewhere… why, you little devil! You’ve got them on already!”


*There are many reasons why you may want to explore your feminine side. Regardless of the reasons, you will find someone at who can help you explore your feminization fantasies.  Interested in sissy training?  Then check out our training menu at*


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