Macrophilic Fantasies, or Giantess Fantasies, are those fantasies involving female giants.  Typically the fantasy revolves around a giant being dominating a smaller being.  Giantess Fantasies vary greatly and may also be known as a Shrinking Fantasy.  Rather than the woman becoming giant, the other being becomes smaller in size.  If you are a macrophiliac, or maybe you just find the idea of being dominated by a giant woman to be sexy as hell, you should take a trip to Giantess Island.  If you’re looking for Shrinking Fantasies in particular, check out Shrinking Fetish Phone Sex, a site just for those who love the fantasy of getting smaller and smaller.  Here are just a few of the ladies who would LOVE to be part of your Giantess fantasy:




” Well hello little man! It’s about time you woke up! Wondering where you are? You’re in my special world where I keep little men just like you to play with and tease whenever the whim strikes me! *giggle*”





“Giantess Olivia will play with you like a cat plays with a cat toy. Make no mistake this ‘pussy’ WILL tease and torment you. Perhaps, just like that frisky feline, I will even maul you …. Perhaps it will be … unintentional.”





“…..maybe I’ll take you out and sit you on the palm of my hand and play with you like a little toy. I always wanted a real live teeny tiny Ken doll.”







“You poor thing,” I say, “Just where on Earth did you come from?” You smile and say you must have shrunk somehow. You cause me to laugh, giving your tiny world a humbling rumble.”


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