Explore your dark fantasies with Ms AudreyHow to Enjoy a Dark Fantasy

If your tried and true sexual fantasies are feeling a little flat or empty lately, the best way to spice things up is with a delicious dark fantasy.

What is a dark fantasy?

Interesting question. Dark fantasies mean different things to different people but one thing is universal. Dark fantasies push your normal limits and leave you feeling invigorated, turned on and strangely satisfied as no other fantasy can. Below are a few of my suggestions for making your fantasies darker and more exciting.

Cuckolding and Humiliation

Do you want to be lured into the fantasy of a date with me, see me dressed up and looking hot, take me to a wonderful romantic dinner, have me invite you back to my place…only to find out that my very well endowed boyfriend is there waiting for me and you are simply an amusement that I brought home for us to erotically humiliate as you watch us make love and realize that you can not compete with someone like him. In fact, cuckold humiliation if you haven’t experienced it, leads like many fantasies, to much darker places.

Coerced Bi

Well if you haven’t guessed, many dark fantasies lead to coerced bi if you’re open to it. This can be one of the creme de la creme of dark fantasies. If you have the urge to fluff up one of my stud boyfriends for me (since I will never view you as enough of a man to have sex with me) and then watch as he brings me to the height of pleasure, obviously being a sissy cuckold might be your newest enjoyment! If that’s not enough, I might be tempted to have you clean my real man up afterward or perhaps text another one of my boy toys to come over and…as you can guess, there really is no limit to dark coerced bi fantasies. If you are curious about more coerced bi fantasies, make sure to ask me at the beginning of a session and I’ll be happy to suggest even more possibilities.


Maybe you are macho and manly in your every day life…Have you ever thought about what it might be like to feel silky lacey garments caressing your skin. To be dressed up in feminine lingerie or perhaps fully made over into breathtaking sissy slut and made to submit to your Mistress’ every desire can be a very satisfying dark fantasy for some. Feminization can veer into many dark directions.

Darker Twists and Turns

There are many other areas that lend themselves to dark fantasies such as Tease and Denial, Cum Eating, Chastity, and any number of combinations of any of the things I’ve mentioned, as well as plenty of niche fetishes such as spanking, specific humiliation scenarios, giantess fantasies, etc.

I look forward to discussing your dangerous, dark, and delicious fantasies!

My Schedule

If you’re already convinced that you’d like to experience a Dark Fantasy session with me, I’m available from 9pm PST – 1am (11pm – 4am EST) for calls and text sessions. I am a Night Mistress only and am not available during the mornings. You can always check the LDW Cock Control page to see if I am available and or email me to set up an appointment.

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