Audrey foot fetishInspiring Ways to Enjoy Your Shoe and Foot Fetish by Mistress Audrey

It’s like I can read your mind just by the way you’re looking at my pretty feet. You want to get down on your knees, kiss them, suck on my toes, worship my high arches, stare at my wrinkled soles, caress and worship my long legs and rub your cheek on my nylons. You dream about serving a Foot and Shoe Goddess non-stop and luckily, as a foot fetish fan, you’re in the right place!

How to Get the Best Foot Jobs

So let me guess, you’re craving a mind blowing foot job. Guess what? I can think of at least three positions you might not have considered and we can discuss your options and even chat about ways to approach your significant other for a foot job. Isn’t it time you let me help you explore and enjoy your foot fetish!

What to Do About Your Shoe Fetish

I’m also am happy to discuss your shoe fetish as well. If you can’t keep your mind off of beautiful women wearing pointed-toe pumps and flats, then we’re going to get along great! I have a shoe fetish myself and collect shelves full of gorgeous and expensive leather pumps, heels and boots. Are you a shoe licker? Do you love the feeling of shooting cum on a woman in high heels and then licking them clean?  Maybe you love shoe licking when you are masturbating. Or maybe you also have a major shoe or stocking fetish…good! I know just what to do with you!

Erotic Storytelling

What do you do when you’re horny? If your girlfriend isn’t home to play, I bet you raid her closet when she’s not around and pull out some of her high heels and cum on them. Perhaps you’d like to talk about what it would be like to wear a red patent leather stiletto around your cock while I make you jerk off into it and then make you lick the heels clean. Does erotic storytelling push you over the edge? Do you like more extreme scenarios like a good shoe crushing fantasy? We can explore those avenues too!

Cum on My Heels

Maybe you really like the idea of being able to cum on a woman in high heels but haven’t been lucky enough to find a woman who will accommodate you. I can help you with this desire. *How would you like to cum on my heels and stockings ? We could have a hot and sticky roleplay that will leave you very satisfied!

If you already know that you’d like to explore your Foot or Shoe Fetish  with me, I am a Night Mistress, available most evenings.

Sole long for now!

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