From The Desk Of The Stroke Mistress

We are happy to announce a Special Masturbation May Event

The Happy Ending Happy Hour

Hosted By

Catherine The Queen of Denial & Vivian The Empress of Happy Endings

You all know by now (and if you don’t know, you SHOULD) that this month is Masturbation May.

There are various ways to celebrate it (apart from the obvious) and one of those ways is to join Ms Vivian and Ms Catherine in the LDW Adult chat room for an hour (or so) of lively chat and Mutual Masturbation. Or not.

You see, while it’s well known that MILF Mistress Vivian will invariably bestow a happy ending on a caller, it’s not necessarily the case with Ms Catherine.

Hmmmm, sounds like an interesting and kinky conversation, doesn’t it? Be in the chat room at 5pm Eastern.

Miss Vivian says …

Heads UP! & Hands OFF!

Best Bone UP on your masturbation knowledge there could be a Pop UP Quiz.

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