Pleasing Ms AudreyWhat if I told you that you could create a mind blowing intimate relationship with me, a dominant Mistress that would not only fulfill all your deepest fantasies, but actually exceed them?

Pleasing a demanding Mistress like me is not a simple task, and yet it’s your greatest fantasy. What may have pleased a former Mistress won’t necessarily please me. It can be a confusing and bumpy road to find happiness with a new Mistress, so I will let you in on some secrets so that you can make me happy {and yourself in the process}.

If anything is universal about Dominant Mistresses, it’s that we like our submissive to be obedient and respectful. Making demands on your dominant Mistress will not create the kind of results you are hoping for. Once it has been established that you seek to please me, I’ll be able to do my job and explore the ways in which I will uncover all of your deepest desires. As an experienced Mistress, I will go the extra mile and intuit things you don’t even know about yourself, taking you into exciting new areas that you could not have imagined. But remember this deep connection with me can only happen if you are pleasing me and making me feel that it’s worthwhile to put in the extra effort.

I have an Amazon Wish List and while I very much enjoy receiving gifts from this list, let me be clear that it’s not all about things. If for example, you learn that I delight in having you humiliate yourself by composing silly songs or poems, make sure to craft one before your next session and surprise me with it. It’s not always about waiting for me to tell you to do certain things. Taking the initiative to show your appreciation will go far to please me and make your sessions more enjoyable.

There is so much more that I could share with you on this topic, but I’ll leave you with these tips for now because they are enough to launch a thoroughly enjoyable session with me. Remember, by getting into my good graces, you’re actually improving your skills as a submissive and allowing for deeper and more intimate communication with me. Check my blog for more tips and tricks to please your Mistress in the coming days.

Dark fantasies & confessions welcome!

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