MarlenaI am a true stocking Goddess.

One look at me should clearly demonstrate what I consider to be my most tantalizing trait: my legs. The allure of a tall, leggy Goddess is extraordinary, and it’s only amplified by my pronounced interest in gorgeous stockings and pantyhose! I feel sexiest when my long, toned legs are closely encased in the gossamer-thin nylon of my most delicate hosiery. Stockings are imbued with every bit of feminine refinement and delicacy the world has to offer, and I skillfully wield them as my weapon of choice.

No one escapes my leg tease.

Leg lovers aren’t born, they’re manufactured. If you aren’t a leg and stocking fetishist before you speak with me, I suspect you will be one afterwards. Everyone has their bailiwick, and a merciless, delectable leg tease is mine. I can build subtle tension with the slow, pendulum-like swinging of a pump dangling from my foot, or I can stimulate your tactile excitement by brushing my silky, stockinged leg right against your body. And if you catch me in a more rapacious mood, I might tie you up with my smooth stockings and introduce you to my inescapable, relentless brand of tease and denial.

Are you ready to serve?

In true Goddess form, I expect my legs to be reverently worshiped. You belong on your knees as you worship my legs and await specific instruction. The desire to serve my legs is more than just a want; it’s a visceral need that’s satisfied only by the pressing of your mouth against my supple leg. Give in to what controls you.

My legs are waiting, boys. How will you worship them?

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Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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