Gia (118)Being in this business, has taught me many things,

One being, that masturbating to a hot Goddess like myself is no easy task. I love to put these guys to work. I am very creative and love to make them do all sort of kinky sexy things that they have never thought of. I have a few of masturbation ideas that I love to teach all my chronic masturbators. This kind of session has worked wonders for those one minute men. So, Listen UP!

Masturbation can become boring, but not with GODDESS Gia!

Every man craves to try new things, they love variety. They love doing what a Mistress tells them to do, it keeps it exciting and what better way to spice your masturbation time other than talking to a sexy phone mistress that will make you do all sorts of crazy wild things for you to get off!

I actually have a few favorite masturbation ideas that I love to play.

I love to play The Cum Bag, The Hand Tool, Rosie Palm Rubber, Ring Around The Penis, and finally The Hot and Cold Climax! They are all so much fun and I will love to walk you through them. But, before we get into that here is a list of all the things you will need for each masturbation game.

The Cum Bag: You will need, 1 Plastic Sandwich bag and your fave lube, although I do prefer petroleum jelly and you will need to be in your bedroom or living room.

The Hand Tool and Rosie Palm Rubber: All you will need is LUBE, lots of it.

Rings Around The Penis : You will need LUBE and maybe a cock-ring or two

The Hot and Cold Climax : Have some ice cubes or crushed ice and of course your choice of lube.

I have been working on one called the Cucumber Full Of Cum,

But at the moment I am in the trial stages with my one and only boyfriend Jim. So, as soon this is done and I have found the right technique not only will I have all my dirty masturbators ready to play but there will be an instruction video. So, stay tune and be on the look out for it.

I would love to have the chance to show you how good I am.

It really amazes me how good I am at guiding men like you to extreme orgasm, with all my edging techniques and total cock control. All you have to do is give me a ring and let me show you how dangerously addicting I can be. Maybe we can even play my Truth Or Dare Game.

Listen to Ms Gia

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