Marlena legsSpring and summer are seasons for foot worship.

Needless to say, I expect foot worship all year round. However, the spring and summer present a foot tease like myself with a special opportunity to tantalize the leg lovers and foot fetishists of the world. The combination of a short skirt, bare legs, and peep toe sandals is a foot fetishist detector; it’s easy to tell who’s thinking about worshiping my feet by the expression on their face as I walk by. You foot lovers, endearing as you are, are not a very subtle bunch.

Pedicures are the perfect form of foot worship.

Since my toes will be out in full effect this season, it’s important that they are meticulously maintained. If you’re a lucky footboy with a steady hand, you might be granted the privilege of painting my toenails as part of a foot worship pedicure session. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, no? You get to enjoy my high arched, delicate feet near your face, and I get to sit back as you pamper and delight my perfect feet.

Foot worship might earn you a special reward.

If you’re an especially skilled foot worshiper, you might be able to massage and paint your way into my good graces. If you do—and I am feeling especially charitable—you might be rewarded with what every foot lover craves: a slow, teasing footjob using the silky soft soles of my feet. Of course, that’s not a promise; I might simply put my strappy sandals back on and walk away. After all, they don’t call it a foot tease for nothing.

Are you ready for foot worship season?

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