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How knowledgeable about sex are you? Could you use a few reminder classes in Sex Ed for Adults?

It’s ok if you’re a little rusty about what you learned in Sex Ed or Health class, after all, it was likely a while ago, and you probably were too busy thinking about the weekend to pay attention. Even if you did pay attention, you may have gotten a whole lot of incorrect nonsense in your Sex Ed classes, especially if you had the misfortune to be stuck in an “Abstinence Only” Sex Ed class. I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends and acquaintances about sex: anatomy, gender, orientation, kinks, fetishes, relationships, intimacy, boundaries, limits, STD prevention, safer sex…

Because I’ve had so many discussions with grown adults about things they ought to have learned in Sex Ed, I decided to write a series of articles about, well, Sex Ed for Adults.

Think of this as the Sex Ed you need to be the kinkiest, most perverted, happiest, and healthiest sexual being you possibly can. I want you to be able to happily and confidently go forth and get laid in the manner you find most pleasing and arousing to you, with mutual satisfaction for both you and your partner, and remain safe, sane, and consensual the whole time. We’re primates with a lust for sex: fear and shame are the only things standing between us and amazing orgasms!

Hit up the Adult Sex Ed series on the Fetish Phone Sex Blog.

I’ve covered Anatomy and Gender (what’s in your pants is not necessarily who you are: sissy sluts can be females with unusually large clits), Orientation and Desire (what gets you off doesn’t have to be what you identify as: leg fetishists don’t identify as a leg-a-sexual), and Relationships and Intimacy (we need to feel both physically as well as emotionally intimate with other people: the most fulfilling relationships will include aspects of both physical and emotional intimacy), and next week you’ll want to catch the Boundaries and Limits lesson (it is important to maintain appropriate boundaries on our behavior, and limit our own actions as well as communicate our own limits to our partners: total permissiveness can be a sexy fetish, but it is most definitely not safe!)

I hope you all find something of benefit in the Adult Sex Ed series.

Drop me a line, leave a comment, and remember: fear and shame will ruin your orgasm faster than anything else!

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