Are you prepared for a stocking bondage tease?

I’m an expert in stocking bondage and leg tease.

No Mistress is a stranger to the question, “What turns you on most?” For me, the top of the list changes frequently, but after a weekend shopping trip that featured thigh high stockings in every variety you can imagine, stocking worship is solidly at the forefront of my mind. As far as lingerie goes, nothing makes me feel sexier than fine hosiery. A pair of gossamer-thin black sheer fully fashioned stockings is the main weapon in my arsenal, and needless to say, it gets the job done.

Stocking bondage can be a total delight or pure torment.

Once my stockings come off my legs and find themselves around your wrists and ankles, you’re at the mercy of my changing moods. If you catch me during a sensual, charitable moment, you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy my silky smooth legs teasing every bit of your body to an inch from orgasm. However, if you catch me in a more cruel, strict mood, prepare to be the prey in my trap. You might be edged mercilessly for hours, or you might test the efficacy of a stocking mouth gag as I use all manners of painful implements on your body.

Stocking bondage keeps you in place for foot worship.

Since a foot worship session ends only when I am ready for it to end, you can expect to find yourself beneath my feet for a long time. To stem any attempts at fleeing or preparing stopping, stocking bondage will keep you at my feet as long as I need you. With your arms and feet bound, there’s little left for you to do than lick, kiss, and worship my perfectly pedicured feet and long, toned legs. Of course, that’s hardly work, is it?

Do you want to be my stocking bondage pet?

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Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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