Mistress Kay Marie

Mistress Kay Marie

Hi Everyone! I hope this finds you well and ready for a great week. I know that it is going to be a good one because I am your Mistress of the Week! I have been so looking forward to it. As a matter of fact I am so excited for this week ~ I bought a new bra just for the occasion. That is one thing you will learn about me, I do love my bras. Love the bras ~ but not the panties ~ LOL. What else will you learn?

I am a real life MILF ~ and I love it! Just think of me as that hot neighbor you watch get into her car as she heads to gym. Do you think about me sweating in tight workout pants and a sports bra? You just know when I get back home I will be peeling those sweaty clothes off my perfectly toned body and stepping into the shower. Now, I bet you are thinking about,  me all wet and naked.

Cuckolds are some of my favorite people. I just love how they are so dedicated to their lady’s pleasure. Although I do know that some of those cock sucking cucks uses their wives’ pleasure to get their own pleasure. I know, but I do not judge.

I love my time I spend with my sissies. A little girl time spent chatting, talking about clothes and shoes, makeup and cocks.  Need someone for online window shopping, to arrange a fitting in your favorite store, recommend new makeup, or to give some other girlie advice ~ I am your Mistress.

Now you strokers, don’t think I have forgotten about you. I am such a cocktease.  I will tell you how to stroke that cock for as long as I see fit and maybe I just might let you cum. That is if you beg ~ oh yes, you will beg ~ and even then, I’m not promising anything! LOL

Your sexy Mistress of the Week, is also a size queen. As a matter of fact, my dear friend Ms Delia says I have small penis phobia. And truth be told, she is probably right.  However, I do find you little pin dicks useful for one thing ~ entertainment.  So if you are one of those little dick losers and want to hear me have a good laugh or you need to be put into your place, I can’t wait to talk to you. I think of SPH as an art and I am a artist.

Want to escape with me? I love a good role play. There are no limits to my imagination. I love when someone shares their fantasies with me and I get to run with them!

Want to know more about me?? Check out my blog mistressofmore.com. You can also reach me on Yahoo Instant Messenger @ enchantrixkay or by my email kaymarie@enchantrixempire.com. But I am guessing that you simply want more from the Mistress of More ~ so just give me a call.
Until next time, listen to my audio!
Ms Kay Marie

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