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Aw, you have such a little cock! XoXo Miss Andi

What do you like mini? I like mini marshmallows in my hot cocoa and all kinds of fun size bits. 🙂

The mini contest/small penis contest is still going on strong. So many teensy weenies for the  Enchantrix Mistresses to ogle and giggle at.

If you already entered– thank you! For those that are not sure what the mini contest is, we are going to vote on the smallest penis of the empire, and it’s not too late for you to enter!

If you would like to Enter the Mini Contest:

Take a  photo of your fun sized penis and email to:

Important! This is a deal breaker. No body shots and no face shots. This is to be a photo  of your teensy weenie only.

Deadline for entering the mini contest / small penis contest is Monday, August 17, 4 pm Eastern Time.

Don’t forget the Mini Marathon is Aug. 22, 2015 from 3 pm -8 pm and  5 different Mistresses will be taking a turn on cock radio while we all celebrate all things small. Such as  mini skirts, mini moon pies, mini kisses, you get the drift.  This mini marathon is for all to come and enjoy. Winners of the Mini Contest/ Small Penis Contest will be announced during the cock radio show. For small talk during the show, join us in the Community Kink Chat Room.

Mini Contest Prizes

First Prize of the small penis contest is a 30 minute call of  Mini Pass the Penis.  You will get to spend 5 minutes with 6 different Mistresses that have generously donated their time to tease your little weenie! The winner of this prize has one month to  play their round of mini pass the penis before it expires.  These are the lovely Mistresses that generously offered to play Mini Pass the Penis: Ms. Constance, Ms. Kaylee, Ms. Delia, Ms. Harper, Ms. Tabatha and Ms. Andi.

Second small  penis prize is donated by Mistress Constance. Tee-hee  If you are wanting to feel more manly this prize will do it for you! This is something that will need to be discreetly mailed to you.

Good luck!

Princess Andi~



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