Two Mistress Call Promotion

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August 26th, two Mistress Promotion

August 26th, two Mistress Promotion


If you’ve been paying attention to my recent postings at, you’ll notice a trend…. we like to share around here. BIG TIME. And just in case you weren’t aware, for the entire month of August we will be holding (hehe, a pun) a Pass the Penis special. For further information please read all about it here.

Our Headmistress Ally has done it again, we’ve been having such a great time passing penises around that Mistress Ally has decided to give you a whole day of a Two Mistress Call Promotion! That’s an entire day of meeting and greeting new Mistresses, or introducing yourself to a Mistress you’ve always wanted to speak with.

The Two Mistress Call Promotion starts on August 26th, @ 12:01 am-11:59 pm est. time, for the first 10 minutes you will receive a two Mistress call, for the price of one. All you have to do is inform your dispatcher of whom you would like to speak with for your Two Mistress call promotion, and she will take care of the rest!!

Something to consider prior to your Two Mistress call– Do you have a special Mistress in mind, but need some help adding a second Mistress? Why not consider messaging your Mistress of choice prior to your session, and ask her for any Mistresses she would love to share you with. Or, perhaps she has a Mistress Bucket List, and there’s a Mistress she’s always wanted to have a threesome with, but hasn’t had the chance yet (lucky you!). You could be helping her cross off her most coveted fantasy with just one Two Mistress phone call.

Do you need more help? That’s okay, we have a service called, with live 24/7 concierge guidance to help you with all of you two Mistress quandaries. If there’s ever a doubt, we can talk it out. ;)~

Listen to Ms. Tabetha

Pass The Penis, because we love to share!






For an erotic phone sex session, dial 800-601-6975.
Must be 18+
Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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