Ms Lena, Mistress of the week

WANTED:Cock Suckers and Pillow Biters!

Darling, YOU have been hiding it far too long. Let’s be honest, it did not take much to get you to admit how much you liked cock. The day you were caught sucking a dildo made everything crystal clear! No wonder, you were so eager to eat me out, with the cum still in my pussy from my hot date. Anything that reminded you of cock was a welcome addition. It would be so much easier, to bring my big- dick dates home now, because you were the most eager fluffer a girl could have.

Craving a chance for interracial cock sucking

Knowing how much, you loved to suck a guy off at the drop of a pair of pants, I was surprised at your waning interest. I’m sure it was no accident, that I came home one day to find you jerking off to a porno filled with Black men forcing their 10 inch plus cocks down the throats of eager young white men. Well..I’ll be damned, baby….we have something in common. You like black dick as much as I do! It won’t take me long to arrange a get together with Darrel, my black cock slut.

From cock sucker to ass whore

You didn’t do a good job of hiding your lust for Darrel’s dick. The day arrived and you spent quite a long time getting ready in the bathroom. Don’t worry, I understand…. you probably wanted to be all fresh and fuckable! You almost busted your ass running to get the door. It amazed me, how quickly you went straight for his zipper. Couldn’t wait to slurp on the Black Mamba, huh? You didn’t need me, to tell you how to suck a cock. Lips sliding up and down his thick, brown pole, I heard you moan. He stood up with his cock saluting and sauntered to the bedroom, with you following like a puppy. After a few minutes of grunting and groaning, I heard the muffled bitch squeals!!! I knew you were biting the pillow, as he plowed your ass with his cock the size of a forearm.

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