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Ms. Brighton

Have you ever wished you could hear your Mistresses’ voice anytime you wanted, even when you’re not alone?

How hot would it be to have lunch while your Mistresses talk dirty to you? (Just don’t let your coworker grab the earbud out of your ear to take a listen too; that could prove to be a bit embarrassing!) Long commutes don’t have to be so non-stimulating anymore! You can purchase and download Ms. Piper and Ms. Brighton’s erotic

femdom phone sex

Ms. Piper

audio to load onto your phone and tease yourself silly anytime you want.

In our hot erotic audio, a co worker comes over to visit and Ms. Brighton and Ms. Piper let him know we’ve found out about his little secret!

Of course, little dick loser Tiny Tim doesn’t get off that easy. He finds himself staring at the bulge Ms. Brighton’s

boyfriend’s pants, and the next thing he knows, little Tiny Tim is getting a cocksucking lesson he won’t forget!

After a dirty boy makes a mess in Ms. Brighton’s living room, the only thing to be done is to clean it up like a good boy. Luckily for Tiny Tim, he’s all too eager to eat his own cum.

If Tiny Tim balked at cum eating, I can only imagine what Ms. Brighton and Ms. Piper would have to do to him. This erotic audio might have evolved into a spanking story, but this time Tiny Tim was spared the embarrassment!

Check out a little sample of this sexy audio–but try not to make a wet spot in your pants!

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