You Say You Don’t…

Eat Cum For Ms. Lilly

Eat Cum For Ms. Lilly

…until I have your throbbing tool in my hand, my strong fingers rubbing up and down your shaft, my soft palm sliding over your slick, pre-cum covered head. So desperate to cum. How many edges has it been, slut? 5? 10? 20? That cock head is swollen and purple and I’ll bet those balls are blue and achy. If you want to cum, all you have to do is agree to eat jizz for me. Oh, you will? Such a slutty cum whore!

A Cumtastic Surprise For You

That’s when I have my sissy maid Charles come in to the room. You thought you were going to eat your own cum? Oh, you will, slave, but you see, you men tend to lose your desire to eat spunk once you’ve actually had your climax, so, if you want that release, you’re going to have to show me that you’re actually willing to do it. No, you don’t have to suck her sissy stick (well, not tonight anyway!). I’ll have her start stroking her rod right over your face.

Spurting Sissy Stick

Keep your eyes on it, slut. See how it’s getting thicker and longer the more she strokes it? This is really a treat for Charles. You think I’ve edged you? It’s nothing compared to the torment I usually make her go through. Tonight, Charles just gets to cum – without any other edging. Open up slut, she’s about to pop! She has incredible aim, making sure every jet of spooge ends up in your waiting mouth. Swallow it all down, and you’ll get your release. Since you’ve already swallowed one load, I’m sure you won’t mind another….

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