Ms. Cindy Wraps Her Long Sexy Legs Around You

Long, Sexy Legs

You suddenly have an erection so large you feel lightheaded from so much blood rushing into your penis.  It is so steel-strong, it nearly bursts the seams of your pants.  I will say this, it took you long enough considering you’re always making excuses or having trouble getting hard.  You are attracted to gorgeous, sexy legs, and you have known this since you were young. Tell me, how many times have you gotten yourself off while looking at pictures of women’s legs on the web?

Women’s Legs Make Your Cock Rise

How often have you been captivated and stared at long sexy legs as they cross?  You see an attractive woman and the first thing you do after noticing her pretty face is to check out her stems.  Of course, I get it.  It’s a fetish, so by definition it is powerful and impossible for you to continuously resist beating off while fantasizing about beautiful legs, whether they are bare or clad in tight, second-skin nylon.  Also, all those times you thought you were alone with this, thinking you were some kind of deviant perv, don’t worry, you’re far from being alone.  Leg fetishes are very common among males.  For men like you, a woman’s legs are the very pillars of the temple where you worship your Goddess.

Sexy Legs Walked In

The Siren’s song sings loud for you, and your bodily responses are physiologically autonomic.  Nothing to be ashamed of, my dearest. Besides, what enlightened, secure woman wouldn’t like knowing the mere site of her legs causes your knees to buckle?  Hiding your bulge has repeatedly proven futile so stop trying! Your cock is hard, it’s throbbing, and I now own it, so it’s mine. It is wonderful to know you appreciate the finer points and sensual side of legs. Taking careful notice of skin tone, musculature, overall shape, knee caps and ankles, which informs you about her fitness and physical ability.

Keep Cock Fully Erect for Sexy Legs

When the first, sexy, magical time your sexuality blossomed and stepped into the realm of carnal pleasures, was it with a femme fatale rubbing your cock with her legs?  Aren’t you the fortunate one, lover boy?  You live to worship legs, to worship the ground they walk upon, to worship the very embodiment of your Mistress. You’re now willing to do whatever you are told.

So hear me, oh leg-man, and keep that hungry cock hard for me.  Pull it, stroke, it, keep it fully erect until we meet again.



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