You Are An ExhibitionistMs. Cindy knows you are an exhibitionist.

It’s been a while since you’ve changed up your masturbation routine. It’s been pretty much the same for a while now. But now, for some strange reason, you find yourself masturbating more than usual lately. It’s been a few days since you and the wife had sex so maybe you’re just extra horny.

Could it be that with so much stress in your life, and too few hours in the day, that a few extra wanks is all you really need? I think not. You’re telling yourself you want to experience greater sexual adventure and enter into a decadent new world not previously available to you.

For a long time you’ve considered yourself to be an exhibitionist. Being risqué is what you want. Being risqué is what you live for. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the backyard, late at night and your wife insisting you remove your top, pants and underwear and play with your dick until it’s erect.

If only that was real, right?

Being An Exhibitionist Makes You Cum Hard

There’s just something about being undressed in front of a clothed and beautiful woman that makes you feel so small and powerless. Don’t be reluctant now. No reason to be shy. Don’t remove your hand from your crotch, and you will enjoy a new exciting experience.

You love to jerk off your cock until you’re cum shoots out like cannon balls. You especially LOVE it when other guys watch you as you do it. You get so excited when other guys see you cumming. You LOVE to moan out very, very loud. To be heard in a far distance so that everyone knows you are going to shoot your wad!

The more of an audience you have the better you feel, because you are an exhibitionist!




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